SpiceJet recovers from ransomware attack

DELHI, 27 May 2022: A ransomware attack on India’s SpiceJet continued to impact the airline’s operations on Wednesday, leading to more flight delays, the airline confirmed in a Twitter post

Its IT team claims it has now “to a large extent contained and rectified the situation that had a cascading effect on our flights leading to delays.”

BBC first reported the airline faced a ransomware attack on Tuesday evening, delaying flights and leaving many stranded at airports, but flights continued to be delayed throughout Wednesday, and many of the airline’s website pages failed to open.

The airline says the situation has now been rectified, but its media centre and corporate announcements, and other website features remained offline when searching its website. Online booking systems are working normally.

Commenting on the attack, Times Now said that many passengers took to social media to slam the airline after experiencing continued flight delays. Times Now suggested in its report that the incident exposed “cracks in our air safety and how vulnerable are flights to malware attacks.”


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