AirAsia rolls out Super+ deal

BANGKOK, 12 May 2022: AirAsia is adding value to its SUPER+ subscription, ranging from domestic and international flights to unlimited free AirAsia food deliveries and even Covid-19 related cancellation cover for up to one full year.

The SUPER+ subscription also delivers one-year unlimited free seat redemption from an increased seat allocation and more available dates. On offer until 15 May, the added value deal kicks in when you purchase a THB5,555 fare.

“The SUPER+ promotion has been very well received, with this latest round aimed at those who missed out during the previous registration period. Promotional seats have been adjusted to be two to 30 per flight, providing even more value,” commented Thai AirAsia CEO Santisuk Klongchaiya.

“SUPER+ subscribers can redeem unlimited free flights immediately after the purchase (all flights require an advance redemption of 14 days). Existing SUPER+ users will gain added privileges automatically to stimulate travel and tourism as many countries reopen and end quarantine requirements, and as AirAsia increases its available routes and flight frequencies.”

SUPER+ subscribers can redeem for domestic and ASEAN routes served by Thai AirAsia (FD), AirAsia Malaysia (AK), AirAsia Indonesia (QZ) and AirAsia Philippines (Z2), covering more than 100 routes, an average of 270 flights daily, or over 3 million seats per year.

Download the AirAsia Super App from the Apple App Store, Google Play Store or Huawei AppGallery.

Meanwhile, earlier this week, the airline group issued a travel advisory saying it has revised business cooperation plans between Thai AirAsia X (flight code XJ) and the AirAsia rewards programme.

“Guests who reserve seats and spend with Thai AirAsia X will no longer be able to accumulate flown sectors, AirAsia points or redeem existing points for flights with Thai AirAsia X flights until further notice.”

However, passengers can still enjoy accumulating AirAsia points and redeem benefits with Thai AirAsia (flights code FD) and AirAsia Group, including various lifestyle products and services via the AirAsia Super App as usual.