Hong Kong airport takes over AsiaWorld

HONG KONG 5 April 2022: Airport Authority Hong Kong has become the sole shareholder of AsiaWorld-Expo (AWE) following the government’s recent transfer of all its interests in the convention centre located adjacent to the airport.

Before the transfer of interests, the government and AAHK jointly owned AWE. However, in 2018, AAHK acquired ownership of the company that manages and operates AWE and now takes over the remaining equity in the government hands.

In its latest announcement, AAHK says it will go ahead with AWE’s Phase 2 development. On completion, it will house Hong Kong’s largest indoor multipurpose performance arena with over 20,000 seats and state-of-the-art facilities. The Phase 2 expansion will also increase AWE’s exhibition space to 100,000 square metres.

AWE is a prime venue in Hong Kong for conventions, exhibitions, sports, entertainment events, business showcases, and premium consumer-oriented events.

It is part of SKYCITY, a core element of the Airport City development strategy that includes 11 SKIES, Hong Kong’s largest retail, dining and entertainment complex, and offices and hotels. The expanded AWE will enjoy synergy with 11 SKIES and other SKYCITY developments, attracting visitors from overseas, the Greater Bay Area, and Hong Kong, propelling the development of Airport City into a destination of its own and contributing to the economic development of Hong Kong and the region.