Amadeus and Microsoft redefine corporate travel

SINGAPORE, 31 March 2022: Amadeus, in partnership with Microsoft, is taking the first step to redefining corporate travel through a new online booking and expense management tool; Cytric Travel & Expense.

The Amadeus online booking and expense management tool is now embedded in Microsoft 365 – introducing Cytric Easy. Users can plan trips and share travel details with colleagues without ever leaving their day-to-day applications such as Microsoft Outlook or Microsoft Teams. Booking business travel will be faster and easier than ever before:

Travellers can use one app to search, compare or book a hotel, flight, or car rental – without ever leaving Microsoft Teams.

Also in the pipeline, Outlook Calendar Invites will populate relevant data before starting the search process, such as preferred departure location, destination based on meeting location and dates. Flight search results will show recommended options based on flight convenience, price, and users’ preferences (for example, stopover airports to avoid). The shortest, cheapest, and greenest options will be highlighted.

Teams will send users prompts to visualize unassigned receipts, complete their expense reports, and file them on time. All of this will be done using Microsoft’s Single Sign-On service across your workplace ecosystem to access all travel and expense needs.

” With Cytric now embedded into Microsoft 365, toggling between applications will become a thing of the past, leading to improved productivity and easier compliance with travel and expense programmes. Most importantly, this collaboration with Microsoft simplifies decades-old processes that impact departments across finance, procurement, and travel. This is just the first step in our joint vision to transform the travel and expense experience,” says Amadeus Cytric Solutions executive vice resident Rudy Daniello.