AAHK extends airport fee waivers

HONG KONG, 2 February 2022: The Airport Authority Hong Kong (AAHK) has extended its relief package by two months to the end of March 2022 to continue support for airlines and airport service providers against the prolonged impact of Covid-19 on the aviation industry.

The extension up to March 2022 includes the following:
Full waiver of parking charges for idle passenger aircraft and airbridge fees;
Reduction of passenger aircraft landing charges;
Fee reduction related to ramp handling, maintenance and airside vehicles;
Rental reduction for terminal tenants covering lounges and offices; Fees wavier for terminal licensees including ancillary passenger services, commercial services counters and cross-border transport operators; Concessions on fees for aviation support services such as into-plane fuelling, aircraft maintenance and inflight catering services.

The rental relief for retail and catering tenants will also continue. Most of the shops and restaurants in the terminal have suspended business, and rentals were waived. The base rent is also waived for those that remain open to provide essential services.