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Galicia: Xacobeo 2021 – 2022 and beyond


GALICIA, 28 October 2021: During the remainder of this year and throughout 2022, accomplishing the Way of Saint James in Galicia has a double reward.

In addition to the satisfaction of completing the first European Cultural Itinerary and sharing this unique experience with people from all over the world, it also offers the chance to take part in the Xacobeo 2021-2022, a programme packed with cultural and leisure activities to suit all tastes and created to celebrate the Holy Year, which is being held for the first time in two consecutive years due to the current Covid-19 situation.

Normally the Holy Year in Santiago de Compostela only occurs when 25 July, dedicated to the Apostle Saint James, falls on a Sunday.  Be ready for a series of a programme that includes something for everyone to enjoy: cultural events, exhibitions, concerts and a whole host of other activities organized throughout the year in Galician towns and cities that turns the region into a vast celebration that will be impossible not to get caught up in.

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Beyond the Way of Saint James, Galicia’s coastline, green corners, gastronomic gems, and rich history is also worth highlight

ing. There is more than 1,300 km of coastline dotted with over 700 beaches. It’s breathtakingly beautiful and varied coasts boast the highest cliffs in Europe, which contrast with the calm waters of its tidal estuaries.  It is also home to the Islas Atlánticas de Galicia National Land and Sea Park. Together with the nature parks at the mouth of the River Umia and the Corrubedo Sand Dunes, this natural treasure reflects the spectacular land and sea scapes that can be admired all along the coastline.  

Galicia is Spain’s greenest corner. Inland, more than a thousand small rivers twist and turn their way through rolling mountains and valleys that are also home to four nature parks. Exploring inland Galicia and taking advantage of the extensive network of rural tourism accommodation is still an unforgettable adventure.  

With a history stretching back more than 2,000 years, Galicia is also featured four times on the World Heritage List: the city of Santiago de Compostela, the Way of Saint James, the Roman Walls of Lugo – the best-conserved example of their kind in the world, and the Tower of Hercules, the world’s oldest working lighthouse, in the city of A Coruña. 

Galicia is also synonymous with wine tourism and fine foods, especially shellfish. It also offers a vast range of meats and fish, all with certificates of authenticity. And all this is accompanied by the magnificent wines from the region’s five designations of origin: Rías Baixas, Ribeiro, Valdeorras, Ribeira Sacra and Monterrei.

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