Taiwan’s Asia Super Team returns

TAIPEI, 12 August 2021: Meet Taiwan’s annual Asia Super Team incentive travel competition is officially back starting this October.

The 2021 competition is centred around a new theme of “Future Land”, and is inviting teams from Japan, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, South Korea, Singapore, Thailand and the Philippines.

Sign up Asian Super Team and challenge the Adventurer of Tomorrow now!

A USD50,000 incentive travel package to Taiwan is up for grabs. Teams wishing to compete in the evening should register before 24 September 2021 at https://asiasuperteam.meettaiwan.com/sign-up-now.

The organisers are recruiting competitors to sign up for the Asia Super Team event and become a Tomorrow Adventurer. The online competition officially starts in October 2021.

This year, the Asia Super Team competition improves with a new virtual interactive game platform and a new competitive mode that is more intuitive using futuristic technology.

The online competition gets around the strict Covid-19 measures that prevent physical participation so that all teams can experience the best of Taiwan’s incentive travel in a stress-free and safe environment.

Teams made up of four participants should complete the online registration by 24 September to qualify for the final competition. The champion team will win a package tour worth USD50,000 to Taiwan.

Find more information on Asia Super Team’s official website at asiasuperteam.meettaiwan.com