Cathay cuts flights from Hong Kong

HONG KONG, 15 February 2021: Cathay Pacific will reduce flights from 20 to 28 February according to the airline’s website information.

In the Asia Pacific, the biggest cuts reduce services to cities in Australia, leaving just five weekly flights to Sydney operating.

Flights to Bangkok reduce to just one flight on Wednesday and Thursday and two flights on Friday. Singapore is served by four flights a week.

Reduced services are scheduled to Manila in the Philippines (Wednesday Friday and Saturday), Jakarta (Thursday, Friday and Saturday), and Surabaya (Friday and Saturday) in Indonesia, Tokyo in Japan (five weekly).

A one-way flight from Hong Kong to Tel Aviv will operate once in the initial two-week flight reduction period, on 23 February.

A single service from Hong Kong to Cebu in the Philippines will operate on 26 February.

A flight to Kaohsiung in Taiwan is scheduled for 27 February. Reduced services to Taipei continue.

Services have been cancelled to Melbourne, Perth and Brisbane in Australia, Frankfurt, San Francisco and Vancouver. Services to London were suspended earlier in the month. In Asia, services are on hold to Seoul, Ho Chi Minh City and Kuala Lumpur.

It continues to fly to Toronto, Canada, New York and Los Angeles. Amsterdam remains on the schedule.

In a statement, the airline said Hong Kong SAR Government’s latest announcement that comes into effect 20 February 2021 requires Hong Kong-based pilots and cabin crew to undergo 14 days of hotel quarantine plus seven days of medical surveillance when they return to Hong Kong after being on duty. It has forced the airline to reduce services.

The airline said: “ We are actively managing our crew resources to plan for our flight services for March 2021.”

The airline also confirmed fuel surcharge increases effective 1 March.