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United maps Covid footprint on destinations


MADRID, 18 September 2020: Smartvel, a destination content provider, and United Airlines have joined forces to launch a new interactive map tool on and the airline’s mobile app that allows customers to filter and view destinations’ Covid-19 related travel restrictions.

United’s Destination Travel Guide provides a simple-colour coded map to highlight if a destination is closed, partially open or fully open for travel, and will also note if any tests or self-quarantining is required for travel. Customers can also easily filter destinations to view local regulations, such as social distancing and mask enforcement, as well as to see if hotels, restaurants and other leisure outlets are open to the public.

Smartvel developed the tool to provide real-time information in an all-in-one source to help United Airlines customers decide where to travel next. By providing the most up-to-date information on the destinations the airline serves, customers can compare and shop for travel with greater confidence and ensure they are finding the destinations that best fit their preferences.

The Destination Travel Guide currently highlights travel restrictions and leisure offerings in the US by state and will expand to include all international destinations the airline serves in the coming weeks.

Customers viewing the colour-coded map can click on each state to view local regulations and travel guidances. There is also the option to filter the map by a state to view specific information on each destination, including:

  • Medical certificate needed (such as negative COVID test)
  • Non-essential shops open
  • Tourism accommodation open
  • Restaurants open
  • Bars and cafes open
  • Museum and heritage sites open
  • Mask in public required
  • Physical distancing required

This solution has been developed in partnership with Smartvel; a destination content technology company focused on the travel industry. For more information, check the solution here:

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