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Agoda monitors hygiene trends


SINGAPORE 25 September 2020: Before travellers dare to pack their bags and head out for a vacation, they are checking accommodation hygiene and safety measures.

Globally, daily room disinfection” followed by daily disinfection (general areas) are the most important hygiene measures travellers expect from hotels and other accommodation providers according to a recent Agoda study.


However, like most online booking services, there are no guarantees provided by Agoda that the properties it features online actually comply with the stringent government measures. Some of the accommodation providers listed are illegal hotels and condominum units that are not covered by national compliance systems or safety requirements that govern registered hotels.

While Agoda promotes hygiene safety, the guest should be wary of booking apartment stays that fall outside the legal framework or scope of hygiene programmes initiated by governments.

Agoda in its media release identifies the top five measures such as “Providing Hygiene Standard Listings”, “Providing Personal Hygiene Kit (masks, gloves).” and “Hygiene Certification from the Government”.

It has also launched HygienePlus, a new verification feature that shows travellers the health and hygiene measures taken by accommodation providers on its travel platform. As travel resumes, HygienePlus gives travellers the added assurance of identifying hotels or homes that meet a checklist of standardised measures.

But it would be much clearer for travellers if Agoda removed all non-registered accommodation offers from its sites to safeguard customers. There is no recourse for travellers who check-in non-registered accommodation. Supposing something goes wrong such as a Covid-19 breakout, it could have severe ramifications for a guest’s insurance cover as the accommodation unit (usually an apartment not built to serve tourists on short stays) lacks legal status under national laws.

Agoda says travellers from South Korea, Taiwan and Thailand, “Daily Room Disinfection” tops the priority list, while travellers from Taiwan, USA, Thailand, Australia and Saudi Arabia prioritise “Daily Disinfection ( general areas)” as the most important measure to get them booking again.

Younger travellers in the 18 to 24 years old category are more inclined to prioritise “Daily Room Disinfection”. In comparison “Daily Disinfection (general areas)” is the most important measure for global respondents in the 35 to 44 years old age group.


• “Daily Room Disinfection” is the first most important measure of the hotel room.
• “Daily Disinfection” of the general property is the second most important measure.
• “Providing Hygiene Standard Listings” and “Personal Hygiene Kits (masks, gloves, etc.)” are on par and comes in joint as the third most important measure for travellers to feel confident taking a trip again.

• In comparison to the global statistics, “Daily Disinfection (of general areas)”, “Daily Room Disinfection” and “Contactless Check-in/Out” are the top attributes for Australian travellers.
• Globally, Australians are more likely to rank “Contactless Check-in/out” ahead of other countries globally.

• In comparison to the global statistics, “Personal Hygiene Kits (masks, gloves, etc.).”, “Hygiene Certification from Government” and “Daily Temperature Checks for Staff & Guests” are amongst the most important factors for Indonesians.
• Bucking the global trend, Indonesians are most likely to rate “Hygiene Certification from the Government” and “Daily Temperature Check for Staff & Guests” as important measures before they can start travelling again.
• Together with Saudi Arabians and South Koreans, Indonesians also value hotels “Providing Medical Information around the Accommodation”.

South Korea
• South Koreans rank the same top three measures as global, but “Daily Disinfection (of general areas)”, “Providing Hygiene Standard Listings”, “Daily Temperature Checks for Staff & Guests” and “Hygiene Certification from Government” knocks “Personal Hygiene Kits (masks, gloves, etc.)” out of the top five.
• Together with Saudi Arabia and Indonesians, South Koreans also value hotels “Providing Medical Information around the Accommodation”.

• As per the global figures, “Daily Room Disinfection”, “Daily Disinfection (of general areas)”, and “Provide Hygiene Standard Listings are amongst the most important measures for Taiwanese.
• Globally, Taiwanese are more likely to rank “Daily Room Disinfection” and “Daily Disinfection (of general areas)” ahead of other countries.

• In line with global results, “Daily Room Disinfection”, “Daily Disinfection (of general areas)” and “Providing Hygiene Standard Listings” are amongst the most important measures for Thais.
• Of all the countries, Thais, are most likely to rank “Providing Hygiene Standard Listings” as a more important measure.

• For Vietnamese travellers, “Personal Hygiene Kits (masks, gloves, etc.)”, “Daily Room Disinfection”, and “Daily Disinfection (of general areas)” are amongst the most important measures for Vietnamese.

About the Agoda Hygiene Survey
The survey was commission by Agoda and conducted by Kantar Profiles Network in June 2020. More than 2300 people across eight markets were surveyed. They are Australia, Thailand, Taiwan, Indonesia, South Korea, Saudi Arabia, Vietnam and USA.

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