Phuket: Heart and Soul of Thai Cooking

PHUKET, 16 October 2019: Using fresh produce from the land and sea, southern Thai cuisine is inspired, balanced, and all-round hearty and satisfying. Learn to cook authentic Thai food in Phuket.

When in Phuket, eat at The Boathouse. The restaurant, part of the newly renovated beachfront boutique resort of the same name, is well-known for its rich culinary heritage. Whether it was 30 years ago or now, the approach to food has always been the same.

At The Boathouse Restaurant, sourcing for the best quality ingredients in season, understanding the nature of the ingredients, and not overpowering the natural flavours. They do everything to bring out the best of the ingredients, to give their guests as authentic an experience as can be.

This thoughtful approach to cooking has made The Boathouse synonymous with the best of southern Thai food, which is a complex and layered melting pot of flavours combining Chinese, Arab, Malay, European, and of course Thai influences.

Using fresh produce from the land and sea, southern Thai cuisine is inspired, balanced, and all-round hearty and satisfying. To give its guests the complete experience, The Boathouse also conducts cooking classes that are both enlightening and entertaining. Hpaper had the opportunity to take part in such a class, and the experience was nothing short of memorable, filled with fun and laughter.

Our class began at the local fresh market, where we were given a personal tour by Chef Jimmy Sonthaya Nithan, who started helping his mother in the kitchen since he was six years old. The market itself was an eye-opener. We got the chance to see for ourselves a dazzling array of fresh vegetables, seafood, and meats. Chef Jimmy also showed us the various exotic spices and pastes that we would be using later in our cooking class.

Back at The Boathouse, the real hands-on fun began. Our task for the day was to cook up some Phad Thai and green curry chicken. Chef Jimmy explained step-by-step how to prepare the ingredients, the uniqueness of each of the herbs and spices, and shared personal anecdotes and tips.

By the end of the class, we managed to cook up some very delicious Thai food, much to our own surprise and delight. The cooking class was fun and engaging. Best of all, we got to know a little more about the heart and soul of real Thai cooking.

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