Qantas sells fares nonstop hop

April 28, 2017 by  
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SYDNEY, 28 April 2017: Australians can now book nonstop flights  from Australia to Europe for the first time, with tickets for Qantas’ Perth-London (Heathrow) route.

Sales opened on the new route Thursday.

Daily flights on the history-making route begin 24 March 2018 and form part of a new Melbourne-Perth-London return service.  The services will be operated by Qantas’ new Boeing 787-Dreamliner. Read more

Qantas extends Kangaroo hop

December 13, 2016 by  
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BANGKOK, 13 December 2016: Qantas has always been a leader in the business of hopping  from Australia to London.

Post Word War II, the hops were short involving multiple refueling stops. It took nearly a week to reach the UK. In the 70s they improved to just two hops with a stop in either Bangkok or Singapore to cover the overall distance in 24 hours.

The Kangaroo Route, a tag coined by BA and QF executives, gave Bangkok and Singapore’s airports substantial revenue from hosting plane loads of  transit passengers. Read more