Thai AirAsia taps fifth freedom rights

BANGKOK, 18 June 2024: Thai AirAsia has exercised its fifth freedom rights to carry out an inaugural flight that departed Bangkok (Don Mueang), stopped in Taiwan to pick up passengers, and then completed its journey to Japan. 

Route 1 Don Mueang-Taipei-Okinawa: The daily flight makes a transit stop in Taipei” departing Bangkok (Don Mueang) at 0725 and arriving in Taipei at 1220, picking up passengers and then departing at 1330 to arrive in Okinawa at 1555 daily

Route 2 Don Mueang-Kaohsiung-Tokyo: The flight makes a transit stop in Kaohsiung departing Bangkok (Don Mueang) at 0245  to arrive in Kaohsiung at 0715, picking up passengers and then departing at 0800 hrs to arrive in Tokyo (Narita) at 1255 four times a week on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday

Thai AirAsia Chief Executive Officer Santisuk Klongchaiya noted that after introducing flights with transit stops using the Fifth Freedom right, Thai AirAsia has added more flight opportunities to Japan’s Tokyo and Osaka. 

“The first flight took place on 15 June, and the airline thanks all the airports, tourism bodies, and supporting agencies that aided in promoting Thai AirAsia’s Fifth Freedom routes in Taiwan (Taipei and Kaohsiung) and Japan (Tokyo and Osaka), leading to the strong response they received. Connections between Taiwan and Japan were particularly well received, indicating high demand in the market.

“Carrying out stop overs to receive additional passengers is a new challenge for AirAsia, but it has provided more opportunities to connect with a wider customer base in both Japan and Taiwan. We inaugurated Don Mueang-Taipei-Okinawa and Don Mueang-Kaohsiung-Tokyo today and received a very satisfactory response.” Santisuk concluded.  

AirAsia staged a welcoming ceremony for the inaugural flight of the Kaohsiung – Tokyo route, presenting passengers with certificates and souvenirs during a ceremony at Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport. 


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