KUCHING, 6 June 2024: The greatest show on earth, the ‘Great Britain Circus’, pitches its tent at Kuching’s Sarawak State Stadium from 8 to 14 July.

Described as a tented travelling circus, Sarawak residents will experience a traditional authentic circus production on tour across the state from Big Kid Entertainment in the UK. 

The Great British Circus tradition shines the spotlight on the Big Top, a magnificent cylinder-like theatre topped with a conical canopy. At its base, fresh sawdust covers the arena, surrounded by audience seating set out in tiers rising in circular rows almost to the tent’s canopy. It’s a family fantasia crammed with sparkling costume performances, the high-wire trapeze, and a troupe of clowns. Once the week is over, the giant circus tent will move to Miri, a coastal town in the far north of the state close to Brunei.

Sarawak is making giant strides in the events sector, attracting conferences, concerts and now an international circus from the UK. 

“In addition to the development of local tourism attractions, Sarawak is also an in-demand venue to host international events such as the annual Rainforest World Music Festival (RWMF) and the recently announced Borneo Pickleball International Tournament slated for later this year,” he told the media during the circus launch,” said Minister of Tourism, Art, Culture, Youth and Sports YB Abdul Karim.

“These international events not only enrich our cultural landscape but also significantly contribute to our local economy. They create job opportunities for our local talents and boost revenue for our local businesses, making them a win-win for everyone involved.”


(Source: Office of the Minister)


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