AOT outlines airport plans

BANGKOK, 15 February 2024: Airports of Thailand (AOT) plans to invest THB4.4 billion to expand Suvarnabhumi Airport and complete the third development phase at Don Mueang International Airport, the National News Bureau of Thailand.

AOT Deputy Director Kirati Kitmanawat shared the enhancement plans, saying it would improve service and security standards at Suvarnabhumi Airport and ensure it can accommodate 65 million passenger movements annually.

In the meantime, AOT hopes to encourage more airlines to use Suvarnabhumi’s satellite terminal 1 (SAT-1), which serves only 50 flights daily. AOT wants to ensure the terminal handles 120 flights weekly in the next two months and targets at least 400 flights weekly by the end of the year. 

NNT reports that AOT plans to start its ‘East Expansion’ project in May, which will ensure Suvarnabhumi Airport’s east passenger building can handle an additional 15 million passengers annually. The project will cost THB8 billion, with the bidding process commencing in May. AOT has not clarified where it will raise THB8 billion, and another THB36 billion will be allocated for the third phase of Don Mueang International Airport’s development.

The project includes building a new international passenger terminal and renovating Terminal 1. Ultimately, once the projects open, the passenger capacity should be raised from 30 million to 50 million annually. 

(Source: National News Bureau Thailand)