Travel the new love language

SINGAPORE, 25 January 2024: Millennial and Gen Z travellers in APAC declare shared experiences as their new love language; they are ready to splurge on 2024 travels, dedicating up to half their budget to shared experiences.

Klook’s latest Travel Pulse1 research released this week suggests nine out of 10 travellers in the Asia Pacific intend to pursue travel with their loved ones. It also shows that three in five travellers are set to splurge on 2024 adventures, dedicating up to half their budget to experiences and activities despite rising costs from global inflation.

The availability of distinctive experiences is among the top consideration factors for travellers when planning a holiday. Nature and outdoor adventures lead at 59%, followed by the thrill of theme parks (53%) and the cultural richness of museums and historical sites (51%).

 The study shows that 65% of travellers pursue shared adventures through more frequent, shorter holidays rather than extended getaways to maximise creating core memories together. New destinations are also on the horizon for 70% of travellers in APAC, with the top destinations on the wishlist being Japan, South Korea, Thailand, and Singapore.

Spring inspires APAC travellers 

For many travellers (65%), climate or season plays a huge part in the shared travel experience. Spring in the early part of the year is the most popular season across APAC, and nearly half of travellers have booked travel within the first three months of 2024. Nature and outdoor activities are among the top activity themes. Travellers from Malaysia and Indonesia most favour spring, while travellers from Australia and the Philippines want to embrace the warmth of summer. Taiwan and Korea share an affection for the vibrant hues of autumn, and winter claims the spotlight for travellers from India, Thailand, and Singapore.

The Klook Travel Pulse survey was conducted in November 2023 through Milieu with 2,600 respondents across 13 markets, including Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, South Korea, Japan, Australia, Mainland China, India, and Indonesia.