Singapore ranks high among seaside cities

SINGAPORE, 25 August 2022: Singapore is the top coastal destination in Asia to relocate to, according to new research from

Singapore, Hong Kong and Tokyo all made it to the top 10 coastal cities, with Singapore coming in at third place below the top destination Miami and second-placed San Francisco. 

The research by the mortgage experts at analysed 50 of the highest-rated coastal cities in the world on factors such as average salary, average annual temperature and rainfall, life expectancy and average download speeds to reveal the best coastal places to relocate to in the world.

With millions of Brits dreaming of a life outside the UK, the new research reveals the world’s best coastal cities to relocate to, and surprise, there was only one Spanish destination, Barcelona, ranked eighth in the top 10.

If you want to relocate somewhere where you can enjoy the fresh sea air, then Miami just pips San Francisco, with a relocation score of 6.72. Miami has been named the best coastal city to live in. Known for its stunning beaches with an average sea temperature of 26.3°C,  it has the edge over the colder waters of California.

San Francisco comes in second here, with a relocation score of 6.44 out of 10, as the city itself isn’t mainly known for its beaches and climate, with calmer winds than Miami. However, it’s still a great city, topping the rankings for nature & parks and download speeds.

In third place is the city-state of Singapore, which has the warmest average sea temperatures of any city in this ranking at 29.1°C, and an overall relocation score of 6.39. Singapore is diverse and has a thriving expatriate community with many British families calling it home.

More study insights

The relocation destination with the warmest weather is Dubai, UAE, with an average annual temperature of 28.2ºC.

Abu Dhabi, also in the UAE, is the relocation destination with the lowest amount of average yearly rainfall at 42mm.

Miami, USA, has the highest number of restaurants at 900 restaurants per 100,000 people.

The best-connected relocation destination is San Francisco, California, with average download speeds of 213.97 MB/s. The Californian city is also the best city for earnings, with an average salary of USD99,954, as well as ranking as the top relocation destination with an overall relocation score of 7.76

Atlanta, USA, is the best relocation destination for job opportunities, with 65,781 job listings per 100,000 people.

You can view the full research here:

The 10 best coastal places to relocate to in the world

RankCity, CountryAverage annual temperature (°C)Average annual rainfall (mm)Number of parks and green spaces per 100,000 peopleRestaurants per 100,000 peopleLife expectancyAverage download speed (MB/s)Average salary (USD)Job listings per 100,000 peopleRelocation score /10
1Miami, USA24.61,11312.89007787.08$64,39356,4126.72
2San Francisco, USA13.558113.556077213.97$99,95449,3376.44
4Los Angeles, USA17.63572.72687793.93$76,88810,7666.00
5Dubai, UAE28.2683.04107855.60$26,9613075.89
6San Diego, USA16.72727.53087769.03$77,84916,8485.83
7Hong Kong22.61,7964.41808579.28$45,6934715.61
8Barcelona, Spain15.56142.517382186.66$37,0445675.44
9Tokyo, Japan15.21,4821.827585175.58$36,2709575.22
10Dublin, Republic of Ireland9.49196.419582158.26$42,1892,4145.11


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