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Team Building goes virtual


KOTA KINABALU, 29 July 2020: Usually associated with physical activity and contact, virtual team building reflects the new normal we are forced to adopt during the Covid-19 pandemic. Will it survive in a post-Covid-19 world? Well, that’s another story. 

But right now virtual team building or even a hybrid version that mixes the best of both worlds is being scripted by a company in Sabah. Asia Ability explains how to unlock the virtual teambuilding experience, Sabah Tourism Board reports.

Q: How did you get into virtual team building?

A: Asia Ability, based in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, has been developing remote team building as a founder member of the Catalyst Global team building network which consists of 50 of the very best team building providers worldwide. Our team building journey continues into the next phase in Sabah with carefully designed team events that ensure an engaging team experience.

Q: Do clients accept this alternative to physical team building?

A: As companies settle into a new norm of remote working, some clients recognise both the need for and the powerful impact of high quality, engaging team building activities albeit conducted through a Zoom or Webex video call to motivate and stay connected.

Asia Ability has delivered successful Remote Team Building for a range of clients for groups from eight to 180 delegates in sessions from 30 minutes to three hours. One of the most popular events has been an adaptation of its award-winning Virtual Reality team event: The Infinite Loop, an online version for teams of four members who use their own computers.

Q: How does it work for team building sessions in Sabah?

A: Sabah is blessed with beautiful and spacious outdoor venues which are perfect for team building. Venues within resort grounds, on islands, beaches and even tucked away in the jungle will enable all physical distancing and hygiene requirements to be met without reducing the enjoyment and benefits of the team event. Delegates at a meeting or conference will feel energised and safe participating in the activities while also marvelling at Sabah’s amazing natural environment.  Sabah also provides a fantastic location for CSR team events which can have either a community or and environmental focus.

We also foresee that there will be a growth in Hybrid events where part of a larger regional team meets in person with appropriate Standard Operating Procedures in place for meetings, networking and teambuilding at resorts and hotels or the new International Convention Centre in Sabah while the rest of the team joins the conference virtually.  

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