Presenting a better Bangkok

BANGKOK, 21 January 2020: Organised by the Creative Economy Agency, Bangkok Design Week 2020, 1 to 9 February, will be held under the concept “Resilience: New potential for living”. 

Joining hands with 60 organisations and 2,000 creators will join BKKDW 2020 to present ways to support the city in facing future challenges, particularly from population growth.

The festival will showcase collaborative efforts to promote living together in diversity, creating a safe and secure society and improving access to public services.

To highlight Bangkok’s status as one of the UNESCO’s Creative Cities, this year’s edition of BKKDW will expand its creative venues in Charoen Krung, Talad Noi, to include Samyan, Ari, Pradipat and Thonglor and Ekamai.

Visitors can enjoy activities in each area that will showcase the charm of Bangkok. Besides, the festival will offer chances for visitors to meet creative thinkers, designers, and discover their inventive ideas through workshops held 1 to 9 February.

Highlights will include “Bangkok #Safezone Shelter” and an Air Quality Pavilion” a prototype for a green, safe space from air pollution. Another exhibit “Everlasting Forest by GC” focuses on daily life building and construction under the concept of Bio-Circular-Green economy.

Under the tagline Creative District, the festival promotes Charoen Krung through both commercial activities and community wellbeing.

“Made in Charoen Krung” develops the business potential of the district through traditional art and craft shops in the area.

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