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Discover Japan with Princess


SINGAPORE, 14 January 2020:   Princess Cruises offers cruise holidays to more than 40 spectacular destinations in Japan from March to December 2020. Diamond Princess will sail to exotic destinations throughout Japan’s four seasons which bring a distinct change in the landscape and offer enchanting onboard activities as well as fascinating shore excursions.

“Cruising is the best way to see Japan. Diamond Princess’ voyages allow guests to discover five to seven destinations in Japan and South Korea within one cruise and this includes far-flung destinations which are not easily accessed by land. Guests also get to visit a Russian port for some itineraries,” said Farriek Tawfik, Director, Southeast Asia, Princess Cruises.

The 18-deck Diamond Princess has a guest capacity of 2,670 and offers cruises that start from Yokohama (Tokyo) and Kobe. It also features the largest open-air Japanese bath at sea – offering indoor and outdoor Japanese bathing experiences including steam rooms and hot tubs with spectacular ocean views, as well as an authentic sushi bar.

Top five experiences in Japan:

Cherry Blossoms: Spring is one of the most beautiful seasons in Japan with stunning views of the cherry blossom trees – or sakura.  Princess Cruises’ Spring Flowers voyages in March include shore itineraries to experience the very best of cherry blossoms in full bloom. 

Natural wonders: Guests can visit Kyoto to see the city covered in vivid red hues or take a stroll in Momijidani Park in Hiroshima to admire the splendid foliage. They can also take a dip in one of the natural hot springs — or onsen – or enjoy a special cruise across Lake Ashi as part of Princess Cruises’ shore excursions in Yokohama which offers the best view of Mount Fuji under clear summer skies.

Festivals and fireworks: Princess Cruises offers itineraries around five festivals in the summer where guests can witness fireworks known as the “fire flower” — or hanabi.  They can also observe the largest summer celebrations in Japan, Gion Matsuri and Tenjin Matsuri, which take place in Kyoto and Osaka respectively.

4Autumn foliage: When autumn arrives in Japan, maple tree leaves and other deciduous trees leaves turn red, yellow and brown. The changing autumn leaves known as Koyo in Japanese is a beautiful sight in different public parks and gardens throughout Japan.

Historical marvels: Japan has many UNESCO World Heritage Sites and famous historical landmarks such as the Temple of the Golden Pavillion and Nijo Castle. A visit to the Kakunodate Samurai District allows guests to browse through an impressive collection of samurai armour, clothing and other artefacts.

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