Chicago airport security under fire

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CHICAGO, 18 April 2017: As United Airlines struggles to recover from the public relations disaster sparked when a passenger was violently removed from a flight in Chicago, the airport security officers involved in the incident are facing tough scrutiny.

Officials in the mid-west US city are looking at why the three officers — all now placed on administrative leave —  were on the plane in the first place, amid criticism from elected officials and the United pilots’ union.

The officers — who are unarmed and meant to back up local law enforcement — were called by airline employees after the passenger, David Dao Pepper, refused to give up his seat for crew that needed to be repositioned for other flights. Read more

Stockholm still on alert

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BANGKOK, 10 April 2017: Swedish authorities are requesting the public to continue to avoid central Stockholm, around Drottninggatan, due to the ongoing investigation and transport disruptions following the vehicle attack on a pedestrian street last Friday.

Travel advisories issued by various nations warn citizens travelling to Stockholm to be vigilant and carry their passports at all time.

The Swedish Government has temporarily introduced stricter border control measures that will remain in place until at least 17 April. Read more

MP forced to take the train

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NEW DELHI, 7 April 2017: An Indian politician who attacked a flight steward after being refused a business class seat caused uproar in parliament Thursday by demanding his ban on air travel be overturned.

Ravindra Gaikwad made national headlines after footage emerged in March of the Shiv Sena politician repeatedly striking a steward with his sandal aboard an Air India flight.

He has admitted whacking the 60-year-old steward roughly two dozen times during the altercation over seating on a flight from Pune to New Delhi. Read more

US may extend laptop ban

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WASHINGTON, 7 April 2017: The United States may soon expand its ban on air passengers carrying computers on board on US-bound flights, Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly said Wednesday.

The threat of a terror group trying to blow up an aircraft mid-flight is constant, he told a Senate hearing on border security, suggesting that the current ban might not have gone far enough.

“It’s real, I think it’s getting realer,” he said of the threat. Read more

Airlines boost screening

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DUBAI, 4 April 2017: Emirates and Etihad airlines will tighten screening for passengers flying to Australia this week after the country imposed new requirements for enhanced explosives detection, the UAE companies said Monday.

Australia on Friday announced it would increase screening of passenger baggage on flights from Dubai and Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates, as well as Doha, Qatar.

While the directive stops short of the sweeping electronics ban introduced last month by the United States and Britain, it may include targeted screening of passengers’ personal electronic devices. Read more

Australia tightens security

April 3, 2017 by  
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SYDNEY, 3 April 2017: Australia said at the weekend it would increase security checks for flights from some Middle East airports, but stopped short of implementing the laptop ban introduced by the United States and Britain.

Britain and the US banned laptops and tablet computers in cabins on flights from some countries in the Middle East and North Africa earlier this month, citing fears of possible attacks.

“Explosive detection screening will be conducted for randomly selected passengers and their baggage. Checks may also include targeted screening of electronic devices,” Transport Minister Darren Chester said in a statement. Read more

Qatar offers inflight laptop loan

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DOHA, 31 March 2017: Qatar Airways said on Thursday it will offer free laptops to business class passengers flying to the United States, in an effort to get round an American ban on electronics.

In a statement, the Doha-based carrier said it would begin offering a “laptop loan service” to those travelling in business class from “next week”.

The computers would be collected by US-bound passengers from their departure gate just before boarding, said Qatar Airways. Read more

One queue less at Phuket airport

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PHUKET, 30 March 2017: Phuket Airport will use an in-line screening system for hold baggage checks, effective 1 April, to end long queues at the terminal entrance where passengers currently have their bags screened.

The security screening at the terminal entrance works fine for small airports, but despite an expansion of the terminal building,  the baggage check at the entrance continued and is now a major bottleneck causing long queues and complaints.

Airport director, Monrudee Gettuphan, said that effective 1 April, Phuket Airport would do away with terminal entrance screening, for the more efficient in-line screening system where baggage is checked on the belts as it moves from the check-in counters to the baggage handling area. Read more

Threats to airport security

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MONTREAL, 30 March 2017: The Canadian government said on Wednesday that it would take steps to counter any potential threats following a report saying workers at Montreal’s airport had been radicalised.

“The security and safety of all Canadians in airports and elsewhere remains a priority for this government. And we’ll continue to work with all partners to ensure that our airports remain secure,” Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said.

According to the Journal de Montreal newspaper, at least four workers at the Montreal international airport had their security clearances revoked after showing signs of radicalisation. Read more

IATA chief criticises laptop ban

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MONTREAL, 29 March 2017: British and US bans on laptops and tablet computers in flight cabins are not sustainable in the long term, the head of the association representing airlines said Tuesday.

“The current measures are not acceptable as a long-term solution to whatever threat they are trying to mitigate,” said International Air Transport Association director general, Alexandre de Juniac.

“Even in the short term, it is difficult to understand their effectiveness. And the commercial distortions they create are severe,” he said in a speech in Montreal Read more

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