Gemalto on passport trending

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SINGAPORE, 12 September 2017: A leader in digital security, Gemalto reports that its advanced ePassport technologies are now being used in over 30 countries.

Claiming the ePassports have “outstanding security” Gemalto believes they also speed up border crossings.

Introduced in 2005, the ePassport now represents 57% of passports in circulation.  They deliver enhanced fraud protection by incorporating a secure microprocessor that stores the holder’s personal data and digital photo. Read more

World Routes heads for Barcelona

September 4, 2017 by  
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LONDON, 4 September 2017: World Routes, a major global gathering of airlines, airports and tourism destinations, says the world top 10 airlines will attend its global event World Routes 2017 to be hosted in Barcelona, Spain later this month.

World Routes identities the top 10 airlines by passengers carried in a single year.

The annual event presents a platform for route development professionals to discuss, develop and plan network strategy. Read more

World’s biggest food fight

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BUÑOL, Spain, 1 September 2017: Extra police were deployed at Spain’s annual “Tomatina” tomato throwing festival in the eastern town of Buñol on Wednesday to beef up security for one of Spain’s most popular events.

A total of 740 security forces were on duty, including police officers, firefighters and ambulance workers, an increase of around 5% over the same time last year, according to Buñol city hall.

In addition, police cars were parked at the entrance to the town’s narrow streets, where revellers pelted each other with tomatoes during the hour-long festivities, to prevent unauthorised vehicles from entering. Read more

Big gaps in airport security

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SYDNEY, 4 August 2017: Major security gaps persist at Australian airports despite authorities’ efforts to tighten screenings after thwarting an alleged terror plot to blow up a plane, the pilots’ union has warned.

Four men were arrested in Sydney on Saturday accused of planning an attack using an improvised explosive device, prompting authorities to tighten security at airports across the nation.

But pilots, who have to be screened alongside air crew, retail workers and passengers, said similar requirements were not in place for ground staff, who are instead issued with security cards. Read more

Thailand updates aviation standards

August 3, 2017 by  
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BANGKOK, 3 August 2017: An increase in security personnel at the country’s airports has been recommended by ICAO to enhance Thailand aviation industry.

Civil Aviation Authority of Thailand general director, Chula Sukmanop, said the latest ICAO assessment of Thailand’s civil aviation sector found no security concerns, but it did issue a list of 49 recommendations.

The ICAO assessment on the country aviation sector under the USAP-CMA programme was held, 11 to 21 July, he said, adding that the outcome found no issues for concern over security based on a 463-point checklist. Read more

Australia aviation on alert

July 31, 2017 by  
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SYDNEY, 31 July 2017: Australia has foiled an Islamist-inspired terrorist plot to bring down an aircraft with an improvised explosive device, authorities said Sunday, after four people were arrested in raids across Sydney.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull said the plot appeared to be “elaborate” rather than planned by a lone wolf, as security was strengthened at major domestic and international airports across the nation.

“I can report last night that there has been a major joint counter-terrorism operation to disrupt a terrorist plot to bring down an airplane,” Turnbull told reporters. Read more

On camera at pub street

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SIEM REAP, 27 July 2017: Siem Reap provincial government wants to install more CCTV security cameras along a popular tourist pub street in an effort to tighten safety and security for visitors.

Khmer Times reported the scheme was supported financially by MineBea, a private Japanese company.

The street is packed with tourists in the evening visiting restaurants and pubs, but there has been an increase in petty crime that worries authorities. A study of the street showed at least another 30 cameras were required to cover the area adequately. Read more

Security contracts at Van Don airport

July 25, 2017 by  
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QUANG NINH, 25 July 2017: Civil Aviation Authority of Vietnam has recently identified options to finalise security contracts at Van Don International Airport when it opens next March.

Vietnam Net Bridges reported CAAV will instruct relevant agencies to prepare equipment and will be active in training security officials to ensure top security services are available when the airport opens.

Meanwhile, the investor of the airport – Sung Group – will be responsible for buying and installing X-ray scanners, explosive detectors, magnetic gates, surveillance cameras and preparing infrastructure to ensure security as stipulated by the law. Read more

Spain’s tourism heads for bumper year

July 17, 2017 by  
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MADRID, 17 July 2017: Spain’s tourism sector is poised for another bumper summer season as security concerns continue to lure visitors away from rival destinations to its cities and beaches, industry lobby group Exceltur said late last week.

Tourism activity will increase by 4.1% in 2017, Exceltur — which groups Spain’s major hotel chains, travel agents, tour operators and airlines — said in a statement. It had previously forecast an increase of 3.5%.

The body said the higher forecast was mainly due to the “strong increase in foreign demand, which was higher than forecast.” Read more

Four airports under US laptop ban

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WASHINGTON, 14 July 2017: Four airports remain under a ban for carry-on laptops on US-bound flights, imposed amid fears that Islamic State is developing a bomb concealed in personal electronics, officials said Tuesday.

The ban remains in place for Saudi Arabia’s two main international airports, in Riyadh and Jeddah, as well as Egypt’s Cairo International and Morocco’s Casablanca Mohammed V International Airport, the Department of Homeland Security said.

Six other airports across the Middle East have been removed from the ban, originally put in place 21 March, after improving security procedures. Read more

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