Festival time in Myanmar

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YANGON 25 August 2017: Myanmar’s festival season kicks off in September, a month-long period of celebrations that showcase the country’s culture and traditions.

From dancing papier-mâché elephants to colourful parades, from oil lamp illuminations to long-tail boat racing, the festive season is one of the best times to visit Myanmar according to Myanmar Tourism Marketing.

September marks the end of Buddhist Lent and the closing weeks of the annual rainy season. Read more

Road to Mandalay leads to Bagan

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BANGKOK, 6 June 2017: Myanmar’s Bagan with its ancient temples and pagodas is benefiting  from improved airline access from Mandalay, the nearest international gateway.

A new report by C9 Hotelworks ‘Bagan Myanmar Tourism Market Review’ highlights the fact that better road and air access from Mandalay the nearest city with an international airport is driving tourism growth.

This has encourage more travellers from the top five markets, US, UK, Germany, France and Japan. Read more

Bagan to make temples quake resistant

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BAGAN, 9 January 2017: Myanmar Earthquake Committee will check that pagodas in ancient Bagan, Nyang U district, Mandalay Region can withstand future quakes.

The ancient pagodas were severely damaged during an earthquake last August.

Now the priority is to restore the damaged pagodas and ensure they are earthquake proof as far as possible. The region around Bagan is prone to earthquakes. Read more

Bagan restores quake-hit pagodas

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BAGAN, 27 December 2016: Major restoration work on 89 quake-damaged pagodas and Buddhist temples in Bagan will start next month.

Global New Light of Myanmar quoted Bagan’s department of archaeology, national museum library director, U Aung Aung Kyaw, saying in the first phase, will focus on 36 pagodas including Bagan’s well-known Sulamani and Ananda temples.

Restoration of 53 other important monuments will take place in the second stage, he said. Read more

Bagan to build viewpoints

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BAGAN, 13 September 2016: Japan International Cooperation Agency will submit details of a construction project for fixed viewpoints in Bagan by the end of this month.

Global New Light of Myanmar reported the project had been delayed for more than two years due to opposition from authorities.

But obstacles have been overcome and the recent earthquake illustrated the potential dangers of allowing visitors access to climb pagodas to secure a better view. Read more

Bagan visits increase 8%

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BAGAN, 8 September 2016: Bagan welcomed 160,000 visitors, January to August, an increase of 8% over the same period last year.

Bagan’s Ministry of Hotels and Tourism director, Than Htut Khine, told local media that the recent earthquake damaged pagodas and ancient structures but not its tourist industry.

“This year, we expect 300,000 visitors travel to Bagan,” he said. Read more

Bagan needs more cash

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BAGAN, 17 March 2016: Bagan’s Regional Development Association says the ancient city should be allocated a bigger share of cash collected in tourist entrance fees to support restoration.

Myanmar Times quoted the association chairman, U Khin Maung Nu, saying the association wants “at least half” of the revenue from the Bagan’s tourism zone fees to go towards the high cost of maintenance of the pagodas and regional development.

Under a contract signed between Ministry of Culture and Myanmar Tourism Federation in late February, the government will receive 90% of the proceeds, while MTF gets just 8% and the remaining 2% will support conservation and regional development, the report said. Read more

Myanmar backpedals on ban

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YANGON, 26 February 2016: Myanmar has backpedalled on a ban on climbing temples at the tourist hot spot of Bagan, following fears visitors would no longer be able to enjoy the ancient capital’s famed sunsets.

The Ministry of Culture on Monday barred visitors from clambering over the monuments.

But by late Tuesday it had revised the order to let tourists ascend five of the largest pagodas — in a field of more than 3,000 Buddhist structures. Read more

Bagan bans pagoda climbs

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YANGON, 24 February 2016: Visitors to Myanmar’s ancient capital Bagan will no longer be able to climb the venerated pagodas for a view of the country’s most famous archaeological site, following a government edict railing against “disgraceful” tourist behaviour.

The ban, which starts, 1 March, will end the daily ritual that sees hundreds of tourists and local pilgrims scaling the ancient structures to watch the sun set over a vast plain dotted with more than 2,500 Buddhist monuments.

Myanmar’s Ministry of Culture said the move would protect the buildings, considered holy sites by many locals, while also averting potential danger for those climbing. Read more

UNESCO backs Bagan restoration

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BAGAN, 28 January 2016: Ministry of Culture’s Archaeological Department says restoration of Bagan’s pagodas damaged in storms, last year, will be completed soon.

Global New Light of Myanmar reported the city gained emergency funding from UNESCO to the tune of USD30,000 for the restoration of temples that were damaged by November storms last year.

The Bagan Conservation Group and the Archaeological Department are joining forces to carry out restoration. Efforts will focus on ancient wall paintings inside the pagodas and on masonry according to the department deputy managing director, U Thein Lwin. Read more

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