Myanmar slammed over Rohingya crisis

September 12, 2017 by  
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GENEVA, 12 September 2017: The UN human rights chief on Monday slammed Myanmar’s apparent “systematic attack” on the Rohingya minority, warning that “ethnic cleansing” seemed to be underway.

“Because Myanmar has refused access to human rights investigators the current situation cannot yet be fully assessed, but the situation seems a textbook example of ethnic cleansing,” Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein told the UN Human Rights Council.

The Rohingya are reviled in Myanmar, where the roughly one million-strong community are accused of being illegal immigrants from Bangladesh. Read more

Visas: US adopts extreme vetting

February 1, 2017 by  
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WASHINGTON, 1 February 2017: Travellers from seven predominantly Muslim countries singled out for “extreme vetting” will face scrutiny of their social media footprint and phone records, the new Homeland Security secretary said Tuesday.

Secretary John Kelly sought to explain President Donald Trump’s travel ban four days after he issued it with no warning, setting off mass protests, legal challenges and confusion.

“There are many countries, seven that we are dealing with right now, that in our view and my view don’t have the kind of law enforcement, records-keeping, that kind of thing, that can convince us that one of their citizens is indeed who that citizen says they are,” Kelly said in a press conference. Read more