Where next? AI comes to the rescue

SINGAPORE, 17 May 2024: Harnessing the power of AI and its flight search database of more than 18 million flight routes, global travel app Skyscanner has launched its app-exclusive Savvy Search tool. 

Savvy Search is an update to Skyscanner’s AI tool, initially introduced last year in beta as ‘Dream and Discover with AI’. Following a successful testing phase, it has now been released exclusively as an app feature.

Powered by Open AI’s Chat GPT technology, travellers are empowered to communicate their desired trip preferences to Savvy Search – ranging from common queries like a ‘budget-friendly European getaway in October‘ to more nuanced requests like ‘a 30th birthday trip featuring vibrant nightlife and a great food scene’. 

Subsequently, the app identifies the most ideal spots and generates up to three curated destination recommendations. Savvy Search differentiates itself from other AI-inspired travel tools and chatbots through its combination of imagery and detailed destination descriptions, a feature refined through extensive traveller testing. This approach highlights the unique characteristics of each recommendation. Upon selecting a destination, travellers are directed to Skyscanner’s flight search funnel to compare prices and select their ideal flight option. 

Skyscanner Chief Product Officer Piero Sierra commented: “We’re now seeing AI being adopted to help in this travel inspiration space, and according to our research, 22% of travellers globally are using AI to help them plan and research travel. But its use varies a lot depending on the market. 45% of Indian travellers, for example, are already using AI on their phones compared to just 5% in Japan. The next logical step is to use the AI technologies now available to us to help these travellers in the discovery phase of their travel planning journey.”

To support the launch of the Savvy Search tool, Skyscanner’s data experts examined the usage data collected during its beta phase to reveal some of the favourite queries so far.

1. Somewhere to get lost and forget about all my life’s worries

Santorini, Greece, emerged as one of the top destinations for people looking for a temporary escape from the hustle and bustle of life in Singapore. Skyscanner’s Savvy Search recommends the destination, famous for its charming, white-washed architecture with iconic blue domes overlooking the Aegean Sea. With flight prices starting from SGD 828, travellers can enjoy fresh seafood while watching the sunset over Oia or embark on invigorating hikes along the caldera, promising magnificent views at every turn.

2. Somewhere to propose

For travellers looking for destinations within Asia, Skyscanner’s Savvy Search recommends Bali, Indonesia, known for its stunning beaches and lush greenery; Kyoto, Japan, renowned for its traditional architecture and serene gardens; and Siem Reap, Cambodia, offering an unforgettable proposal opportunity amidst the ancient temples of Angkor Wat. There are plenty of picturesque spots to pop the question — a private dinner under the stars along Bali’s beaches, the Kinkaku-ji Temple in Kyoto, or watching the sunrise over Angkor Wat, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

3. Astrophotography

Skyscanner’s Savvy Search recommends visiting Norway in Northern Europe for travellers from India to witness the spectacular Northern Lights. In the winter months, travellers can marvel at the beauty of the night sky and capture breathtaking images of the aurora borealis. Airfares start at INR50,680 from Mumbai.

4. Warm holiday where I can skateboard

Skyscanner’s Savvy Search recommends Barcelona, Spain, for travellers from Singapore. This is a burgeoning destination for skateboarders due to its vibrant skateparks and diverse street skating scenes. With flight prices starting from SGD715, the city also enchants travellers with its stunning architecture and delicious culinary offerings.

5. Super relaxing with a good coworking atmosphere

For Australians, Skyscanner’s Savvy Search recommends going to Chiang Mai, Thailand. This popular destination among digital nomads is known for its affordable cost of living and vibrant coworking scene. Starting at AUD480, travellers are encouraged to secure the best flight deals by booking early. This ensures they can indulge in this city’s relaxed vibe, ideal for getting work done without sacrificing the enjoyment of the surroundings.
Find out more on the Skyscanner app to get inspired, and for more information on the new tool, check out this handy step-by-step guide here.


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