KOTA KINABALU, Malaysia, 14 May 2024: Sabah Tourism Board, in collaboration with Batik Air and Fun Holiday, hosted a roadshow in Uzbekistan, targeting Uzbekistan residents seeking new Muslim-friendly destinations. 

The roadshow toured the historic cities of Samarkand and Tashkent, hosting events that drew 250 participants from both cities. Team Sabah promoted the state’s top attractions, focusing resorts on islands and near beaches and rivers.

Uzbekistan nationals are exploring fresh holiday destinations beyond the traditional favourites of the past, such as Turkey, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia. Recognising this growing interest, the Sabah Tourism Board is seizing the opportunity to showcase Sabah’s unparalleled beauty and hospitality that awaits Uzbekistan travellers.

With two airlines offering direct flights from Tashkent to Kuala Lumpur — Batik Air and Uzbekistan Airways — accessibility to Sabah has never been easier for Uzbekistan tourists. Furthermore, the Sabah Tourism Board initiated discussions with Samarkand Airways, the Tashkent Tourism Authority, and the Samarkand Tourism Authority to explore avenues for cross-promotion to enhance the visibility of Sabah as a preferred destination among Uzbekistan travellers.

This roadshow marks a significant milestone in Sabah’s tourism initiatives. It started with Datuk Joniston Bangkui, Sabah’s Assistant Minister of Tourism Culture and Environment and Sabah Tourism Board, who led a delegation to  Uzbekistan in October last year that paved the way to seal partnerships between Sabah and Uzbekistan.

Additionally, Exclusive Travel, an Uzbekistan-based travel wholesaler is partnering with Fun Holiday and Batik Air, to explore the potential for charter flights, offering Uzbekistan tourists a new winter getaway.

Sabah Tourism Board remains committed to fostering meaningful connections and creating unforgettable experiences for travellers worldwide, reaffirming Sabah’s position as a premier tourist destination in Southeast Asia.

For more information on Sabah, visit www.sabahtourism.com


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