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Singapore, 31 May 2024: The Halal In Travel Awards 2024, a celebration held at the Holiday Inn Singapore Atrium, marked the culmination of the 4th Halal In Travel Global Summit. This annual event acknowledges the remarkable achievements and innovations in the Muslim-friendly travel sector. It underscores the global impact of destinations, service providers, and marketing campaigns that have exhibited exceptional dedication to meeting the evolving needs of the Muslim travel market.

Recognising Excellence Across Four Key Categories

The awards honoured 14 outstanding recipients across four distinct categories, each representing excellence in Muslim-friendly tourism.

Photo credit: Royal Brunei. Muslim-Friendly Airline of The Year: Royal Brunei Airlines.

Global Muslim Travel Index (GMTI) Awards

These awards celebrate destinations ranked high in the GMTI 2024, having gone above and beyond to create a welcoming and accommodating environment for Muslim travellers. The 2024 honorees are:

  • Top Muslim-friendly Destination of The Year: Malaysia – Renowned for its rich cultural heritage and inclusive tourism infrastructure, Malaysia offers Muslim visitors a seamless and enriching travel experience.
  • Top Muslim-friendly Destination of The Year: Indonesia – Indonesia’s diverse cultural landscape and robust halal tourism initiatives have positioned it as a top destination for Muslim travellers seeking both adventure and spirituality.
  • 3rd Top Muslim-friendly Destination of The Year: Saudi Arabia – As the heart of Islamic heritage, Saudi Arabia remains a beacon for Muslim travellers, continually enhancing its offerings to ensure a fulfilling pilgrimage and travel experience.
  • Top Destination of The Year (non-OIC): Singapore – Singapore’s vibrant multicultural environment and commitment to halal-friendly amenities make it a prime destination for Muslim travellers worldwide.

Muslim-Friendly Service Provider Awards

Recognising the paramount importance of catering to the specific needs of the Muslim community, these awards celebrate establishments that have excelled in providing exceptional and tailor-made services for Muslim travellers. This year’s distinguished awardees include:

  • Muslim-Friendly Hotel of The Year: Fairmont Singapore – Renowned for its luxurious accommodations and exceptional halal-certified dining options, Fairmont Singapore sets the standard for Muslim-friendly hospitality. [Insert a quote from a representative of Fairmont Singapore expressing their gratitude for the recognition.]
  • Muslim-Friendly Beach Resort of The Year: Adin Beach Hotel – This exquisite resort offers a unique blend of relaxation and halal-friendly amenities, ensuring a memorable stay for Muslim guests.
  • Muslim-Friendly Convention & Exhibition Centre of The Year: Movenpick Hotel and Convention Center KLIA – With state-of-the-art facilities and a solid commitment to halal services, this convention centre is a leader in hosting international events for the Muslim community.
  • Muslim-Friendly Tour Operator of The Year: Taiwan Learning Trip – Known for its culturally immersive tours and halal-friendly services, Taiwan Learning Trip offers unparalleled travel experiences for Muslim tourists.
  • Muslim-Friendly Airline of The Year: Royal Brunei Airlines – Royal Brunei Airlines excels in providing top-notch services that cater specifically to the needs of Muslim travellers, ensuring a comfortable and respectful journey.

HalalTrip Travelers Choice Awards

These awards highlight destinations that offer enriching and authentic halal-friendly travel experiences, enhancing the overall journey for Muslim travellers:

  • Islamic Heritage Destination of The Year: Bukhara – Bukhara, with its profound historical and cultural significance, offers travellers an immersive experience into the heart of Islamic heritage.
  • Halal Travel Marketing Campaign of The Year: Andalusia – Turespana’s innovative marketing campaign for Andalucia has successfully highlighted its rich Islamic history and halal-friendly attractions, drawing Muslim travellers from around the globe.
  • Most Diverse Halal Dining City of The Year: Singapore – Known for its diverse culinary scene, Singapore offers an array of halal dining options, making it a gastronomic paradise for Muslim food enthusiasts.

Halal Travel Personalities of the Year

These awards honour individuals who have made significant contributions to promoting and enhancing halal travel, recognising their dedication and influence in the industry:

  • Halal Travel Influencer of The Year: Ikuto Hongu (@navito_halal) – Through engaging content and authentic experiences, Ikuto Hongu has become a trusted voice and influential figure in the halal travel community.
  • Halal Travel Tour Guide of The Year: Fayrouz Holliday-October – Known for her deep knowledge and passionate storytelling, Fayrouz Holliday-October provides exceptional guided tours highlighting various destinations’ rich Islamic heritage.
  • Halal Travel Scholar of The Year: Dr Mohamed Battour – Dr Battour’s scholarly contributions to the field of halal travel have provided valuable insights and advancements, influencing the industry’s growth and development.

CrescentRating & HalalTrip CEO Fazal Bahardeen commented: “The Halal In Travel Awards is not just about recognition, it’s about inspiring more destinations and service providers to cater to the needs of Muslim travellers. This year’s awardees are not just winners, they are pioneers, demonstrating a commitment to creating inclusive and innovative travel experiences for the global Muslim community. Their dedication not only enhances the travel experience for Muslim tourists but also sets a high standard for the industry. This begins a journey towards a more inclusive and diverse travel industry.”

About CrescentRating 
CrescentRating (Crescentrating Pte Ltd) is the leading Halal travel and tourism authority. The company uses insights, industry intelligence, lifestyle, behaviour, and research on the needs of Muslim travellers to deliver authoritative guidance on all aspects of halal travel to organisations across the globe. Founded in 2008, CrescentRating services are used by every tier of the tourism industry, from government bodies and tourism agencies to hospitality service providers, to serve the needs of the Muslim traveller better.


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