Hotelbeds halts Russia bookings

PALMA, Spain, 14 March 2022: Hotelbeds has cancelled all bookings to Russia and Belarus for an initial three months and is waiving all cancellation fees.

Hotelbeds CEO Nicolas Huss made the statement on Friday as companies worldwide boycott or withdraw their business operations in Russia.

“As the situation in Ukraine becomes more devastating by the day, our thoughts first and foremost are with our employees, their families and friends, and with all our partners in Ukraine and beyond who are affected by this devastating conflict.

“From a business perspective, it is becoming increasingly complex to operate in the region, and so today (Friday), we have announced that we are ceasing all commercial activities in Russia and Belarus with immediate effect.

“We are continuing to provide as much support as we can to them, as well as to the humanitarian efforts of the International Committee of the Red Cross – ICRC.

“The human tragedy that is unfolding in Ukraine is impossible to imagine for most of us, and so we join everyone in appealing for a swift and peaceful end to this conflict.”

Hotelbeds is one of the world’s leading bed banks with a portfolio of over 180,000 hotel properties that gain access to a network of more than 60,000 B2B travel buyers such as tour operators, retail travel agents, airline websites, and loyalty schemes in over 140 source markets worldwide. 

In addition to accommodation, Hotelbeds is also the world’s largest B2B seller of travel ancillaries, offering 25,000 transfer routes and 18,000 activities, as well as attractions, tickets and car hire.

The company’s headquarters are in Palma, Spain.

(Source: Hotelbeds)