BANGKOK, 5 January 2018: DACSEE, a new global ride hailing service was launched recently in Thailand, with a plan to expand to China, India and Malaysia during 2018.

The concept differs from the standard ride-hailing companies that prosper on commissions that can be as high as 30%.

DACSEE floats tokens (Bitcoin) that are traded between taxis and customers reducing the financial cost of paying a third party that provides the booking channel.

Bitmakler.net described the service, 1 December 2017, as a “blockchain-based ride-sharing platform that has raised USD7.4 million in angel round, launches pre-ICO …in which it sold all 180 million tokens.”

Decentralized Alternative Cabs Serving & Empowering Everyone, nick-named DACSEE  is led CEO, Alexander von Kaldenberg, (second from right), CEO of DACSEE and the CEO of DMD Technology, Nuttapon Devakul (third from left).

DMD Technology is the local partner in Thailand.

Also attending the launch was Chiew Shan, Lim (second from left) and William Gallo (left), DACSEE’s chief operating officer and chief technology officer, respectively.

Congratulating the DACSEE and DMD Technology top management were, Umduean Malakul, (third from right), president of Chantorn Charatsri Yugula Foundation, and well-known celebrity, Dome Pakorn Lam (right).