Reputation rules the roost

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BANGKOK, 13 July 2017: A country’s tourism rises and falls on its reputation and also on what research identifies as its emotional connection, or how international travellers relate to and perceive a destination.

Apparently Thailand has plenty in the positive emotional connection department, according to the 2017 Country RepTrax study, released last week, but it needs to work on its overall reputation index.

Reputation Institution established in 1997 has been tracking the reputation score of 55 top GDP countries worldwide for the last 12 years. Read more

Reputation counts in tourism

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BANGKOK, 4 July 2017: After two years as a runner up, Canada is back as the leader of a ranking index of the world’s most reputed countries.

Reputation Institute released details of its 2017 Country RepTrak report, that claims to be the world’s largest annual survey of country reputations. It monitored 55 countries, worldwide, in its latest report.

Canada, with 82.8 RepTrak ‘pulse points’ (an indicator that quantifies esteem, admiration and good image that a country evokes), led the Country RepTrak report with the same number of points as Switzerland (difference is centesimal) and with three tenths more than Sweden. Read more

Sanya’s hotels get the most likes

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LONDON, 6 February 2015: Sanya on Hainam Island, China, has the most highly rated hotels in the world, according to the annual Reputation Ranking released by hotel comparison website

In the UK, hotels were well down the ranking. York, Edinburgh and Liverpool stayed in the top 50, but Manchester and Birmingham were ranked near the bottom . London failed to make the list.

The list of 100 cities, which is published at the beginning of each year, ranks global destinations according to the reputation of their hotels.

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