Travel insurance returns for an airing

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BANGKOK, 9 June 2017: Thailand’s Committee of National Tourism Policy has ordered the Office of Insurance Commission to review a project that would require all visitors to buy compulsory travel insurance when visiting the country.

Bangkokbiz News quoted the committee president and deputy prime minister, Thanasak Patimaprakorn, saying that authorities have assigned the OIC to formulate travel insurance for travellers  who will have to demonstrate they have adequate health insurance when they visit Thailand.

“The OIC will study a suitable format for travel insurance that would include accident and health insurance cover for travellers…however, it should not be a burden or an obstacle that might convince travellers to avoid visiting the country.” Read more

Thailand lowers drink driving limit

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BANGKOK, 2 June 2017: Tougher measures to combat drink driving came into force in Thailand, Thursday, that will  invalidate a drunk driver’s insurance cover if they are involved in an accident and cracks down on under age drunk drivers.

Announced on TV news channels the new drink driving rules target drivers under the age of 20, who will be considered drunk if they have an alcohol reading of 20 milligrammes. Thailand’s level is set at 50 milligrammes, which brings it inline with the limit set by EU nations.

The 20 milligrammes reading will also apply to drivers using a temporary license or those caught without a license or driving while suspended. Read more

Sky Travel in hot water

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SINGAPORE, 8 December 2016: Singapore Tourism Board  served notice, 6 December, that it intends to revoke the licence of  Sky Travel & Tours Pte Ltd after the company ceased operations and was unable to fulfil its obligations towards its customers.

The company has until 27 December to appeal.

Affected consumers should contact Sky Travel regarding the status of their booking, or to seek a refund.

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Vietnam tightens Adventure travel controls

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LAM DONG, VIETNAM, 26 August 2016: Lam Dong’s Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism has issued a temporary regulation governing adventure tourism in the province to tighten safety for travellers.

The move follows two accidents in Lam Dong, one at the Datanla waterfall in Dalat City and the other at Bay Tang waterfall in Duc Trong District. The two accidents resulted in the death of four foreign tourists, in late February, the Saigon Times media reported.

Under the new regulation, adventure tour operators must have international travel licences, while authorities must approve their adventure travel programmes. Read more

Singaporean travel trends

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SINGAPORE, 23 May 2016: A Chubb Travel Insurance survey, released at the weekend, showed 30% of Singaporean respondents travelled without insurance, but wished they hadn’t.

Last year the same survey indicated 23% of respondents travelled without insurance.

From November to December last year, 1,998 Singapore travellers participated in the online survey conducted by Chubb Travel Insurance.

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Anbang’s raises its hotel ambitions

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SHANGHAI, 16 March 2016: Chinese insurance giant Anbang, virtually unknown abroad before buying New York’s historic Waldorf Astoria hotel, is bidding nearly USD20 billion to become an international hotelier — raising questions over why it wants to enter the hospitality business, and over its murky shareholding structure.

Anbang is on a shopping spree with a near-USD13 billion offer for Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide — owner of the Sheraton and Westin brands — and a USD6.5 billion purchase of 16 luxury hotel properties from hedge fund Blackstone.

They are the latest in a string of overseas acquisitions of various types that have helped Anbang — established just 12 years ago — grow from a domestic seller of property insurance into a financial services powerhouse. Read more

Travel insurance makes comeback

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BANGKOK, 10 March 2016: Thailand’s Ministry of Tourism and Sports has discussed with the Ministry of Public Health and Office of Insurance Commission ways to offer travel insurance for visitors to Thailand.

Media reports recently focused on private hospitals complaining they were left with unpaid bills after treating foreign tourists involved in accidents. Most of the accident victims had no travel insurance.

In one media report a hospital said it was owed THB2 million last year. In just one case it was able to recover THB100,000 from a Ministry of Tourism and Sports special fund of THB200,000,000. The fund paid for the treatment of an Italian tourist. The report was posted on Thai prompting reader comments asking how the ministry spent the balance of so called tourist compensation fund. Read more

Visa card adds insurance

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BANGKOK, 20 October 2015: Cigna Insurance has launched a new travel insurance package for upscale Visa Card holders.

Cigna Insurance CEO and country manager, Julian Mengual, together with Visa Thailand country manager of Visa Thailand, Suripong Tantiyanon, announced the new package for Visa Platinum, Visa Signature and Visa Infinite cardholders, a launch event in Bangkok last week. Read more

Ministry dusts off insurance scheme

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BANGKOK, 31 August 2015: Thailand’s Ministry of Tourism and Sports says it will revive a proposal that would require independent international travellers to buy travel insurance when visiting Thailand.

The proposal was first introduced, last year, but was not given the kind of support the ministry was expecting. In fact, it was lambasted by the country’s travel industry for proposing an unwieldy, unmanageable scheme that was for the majority of visitors redundant. Travel leaders, in the private sector, argued that most tourists took out their own insurance before they left their homelands.

But the 17 August bomb attack at the Erawan Shrine that left 20 dead of which 11 were tourists has prompted an urgent rethink.

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Insurance: Don’t leave home without it

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WARWICK, US, 14 July 2015: A surprising number of Americans are unclear whether their health insurance works outside the country, according to a survey from InsureMyTrip.

Over 25% polled were not sure whether their domestic health insurance plan would cover doctor or hospital visits while traveling overseas. It is probably a global issue; travellers often believe their domestic insurance is enough.

It was a close call as 39% believed their domestic health insurance would provide cover, while 34% believed the opposite. Around 26% were not sure.

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