Qatar increases investment in the Philippines

April 18, 2017 by  
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DOHA, QATAR, 18 April 2017: Qatar and the Philippines have signed trade agreements worth USD200 million some of them linked to tourism.

The deals were signed during the final leg of President Rodrigo Duterte’s Gulf tour, according to Manila’s trade and industry secretary who met local media in Doha Sunday.

Ramon Lopez said 6,000 jobs would be created in the Philippines as a result of the 13 agreements signed between private companies at the weekend, which covered areas such as tourism, health and defence. Read more

Philippines a hard sell

March 24, 2017 by  
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MANILA, 24 March 2017: The Philippines tourism secretary urged the media, Wednesday, to “tone down” cover of President Rodrigo Duterte’s deadly drug war, complaining that reports on extrajudicial killings were scaring away foreigners.

On a trip to Thailand accompanying Duterte, Tourism Secretary, Wanda Teo, insisted the Philippines was a safe destination, but said journalists were making the country a hard sell because of their focus on the killings.

“Help us because you know, it’s really difficult for me to sell the Philippines, especially when extrajudicial killings becomes the topic,” Teo told Filipino reporters following the Duterte entourage. Read more

Airport attacker on drugs

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PARIS, 21 March 2017: The man shot dead at Paris’s Orly airport after attacking a soldier was under the influence of drugs and alcohol at the time, a judicial source said Sunday.

Investigators are still trying to understand what motivated Saturday’s assault by 39-year-old Ziyed Ben Belgacem, which led to a major security scare and the temporary closure of the capital’s second-busiest airport.

“Toxicology tests carried out on Sunday showed an alcohol level of 0.93 grams per litre in his blood, and the presence of cannabis and cocaine,” the source said. Read more

Full-moon party blasts on

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BANGKOK, 27 December 2016: For many ravers on Phangan island, the origins of the Thai island’s debauched full-moon parties are as hazy as their memories of the beach bash the next morning.

Yet Sutti Kursakul, a middle-aged island native with a distinctive black moustache, claims he not only remembers the first moonlit party but also organised it.

“I held the first full moon party in around 1988. It was a farewell to my Australian friend,” Sutti told AFP. Read more

India’s drug tourism flourishes

March 7, 2016 by  
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NEW DELHI, 7 March 2016: When doctors told Australian Greg Jefferys he had Hepatitis C and the disease was destroying his liver, the devastating diagnosis was compounded by the cost of a cure.

Unable to afford Sovaldi, hailed as a miracle drug, the 61-year-old flew to India, one of a growing army of patients seeking out low-cost, life-saving medicines on the subcontinent.

Their illnesses vary — Hepatitis C, cancer and HIV are among the most common — but they are almost always desperate, seeing in India their only hope to save their life or that of a loved one. Read more