Rio readies for celebrations

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RIO DE JANEIRO, 29 December 2017: Rio de Janeiro expects 3 million people to attend New Year’s festivities at the famed Copacabana beach, the Brazilian city said on Wednesday.

In previous years, there have been around 2 million people to watch fireworks at the beach, almost all dressed in white, as tradition dictates.

“We believe that there will be 3 million people,” Marcelo Alves, the head of the municipal tourism agency Riotur, said at a news conference. Read more

Bangsaen21 reaches for bronze

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The line up of category winners at the 2017 race with organisers.

BANGKOK, 27 December 2017: Always playing second fiddle to Pattaya, nearby Bangsaen beach is now hosting a half-marathon that  organisers claim will soon be named the best in Asia.

A tall order for a resort that’s main claim to fame is its location being the closest beach resort to Bangkok on the eastern seaboard of Chol Buri province.

The race held annually on or close to 17 December has applied for the IAAF’s Bronze Label Road Race standard. Read more

Pattaya: Beach boozing banned

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PATTAYA, 26 September 2017: Boozing by the seaside will be banned at Pattaya’s beaches, 1 October, as the resort tries to clean up its tourist image.

According to the Pattaya Mail, beach vendors attended a meeting, last week, organised by the city’s sanitation chief, Wasinpat Chimtim.

The Pattaya Mail said about 50 beach chair vendors from Jomtien and Pattaya beaches attended the meeting where the no-alcohol rules were spelt out along with a “slew of new regulations in advance of an International Fleet Review in November. Read more

Nha Trang hosts colourful festival

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KHANH HOA, 1 June 2017: The 2017 Nha Trang Sea Festival will be held in the central province of Khanh Hoa, Vietnam, from 10 to 13 June, with 50 arts, cultural and sporting activities.

Themed ‘Extending the Circle of Friendship’, the event will include a street festival, lion and dragon dances, a fishing competition, and cooking contests.

Chefs from Nha Trang Tourism College will also attempt to make the largest ever seafood hotpot in Vietnam. Read more

Burasari Group expands in South Thailand

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BANGKOK, 22 May 2017: Bangkok-based Burasari Group has taken over the management of Twin Lotus Koh Lanta adding it to a growing portfolio of boutique resorts and hotels.

It is best known for its property in Bangkok’s Chinatown and another in the UNESCO World Heritage town of Luang Prabang.

Its latest addition is located at the southern tip of Lanta island in Thailand’s Krabi Province. Read more

Southern hotels up for sale

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PHUKET, 12 October 2016; Three Manathai branded hotels on Samui island, Khao Lak and Surin beach, Phuket are up for sale, along with the recently rebranded Nai Harn formerly Royal Phuket Yacht Club.

C9 Hotelworks CEO, Bill Barnett ,broke the news, Tuesday, quoting in his industry email alert a portfolio presentation by brokerage house, Jones Lang LaSalle Hotels, assigned as the exclusive agent for the sale

All four properties are in South Thailand a boom region for beach holidays. Read more

Vietnamese town opens sand park

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BINH THUAN, 4 October 2016: A sand statue park titled Forgotten Land will open next January in the south central province of Binh Thuan as a new product to attract family travellers.

Local media reported work on “Forgotten Land” sand statue park began last week in the province’s Phan Thiet city.

The 1.3-hectare park will display various statues featuring fairy tales and legends of Vietnam and the world,  made entirely from natural sand by sculptors from 12 countries, worldwide.  Read more

Shark attack at Bali’s surf beach

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DENPASAR, 28 April 2016: An American surfer has been mauled by a two-metre (six-foot) shark off the Indonesian resort island of Bali, sustaining a serious arm injury, a doctor said Wednesday.

Ryan Boarman, in his 20s, was admitted to hospital in the west of the holiday island Monday shortly after being attacked by the shark as he surfed at Balian beach.

While shark attacks are generally rare in Bali there have been several such incidents in recent years at Balian, a popular surfing spot. Read more

Saudi royals cut holiday short

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VALLAURIS, FRANCE, 4 August 2015: Workers were busily returning a beach in southern France to its previous condition on Monday after the departure of Saudi King Salman, whose commandeering of the coastline had caused uproar among locals.

A few sun-lovers were replanting their parasols while the workers were dismantling controversial constructions, including an elevator from the beach to the king’s grandiose villa, built only a fortnight ago for the royal visit.

King Salman made an early exit on Sunday from the Cote d’Azur only eight days into what was billed as a month-long vacation.

Read more

Beach lockdown for Saudi royals

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NICE, 27 July 2015: King Salman of Saudi Arabia arrived in France, Saturday, for a Riviera holiday, with the closure of the beach in front of his villa incensing local residents.

While the king’s three-week visit with an entourage of nearly 1,000 is a boon for the local economy, the closure of a public beach for the privacy and security of the royal party — along with illegal construction work — has sparked anger.

Authorities brought forward the closure of the kilometre (half a mile) stretch of beach to early on Saturday to prevent an occupation of the area beforehand.

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