Laos Visit Year is hard to pin down

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BANGKOK, 12 December 2017: Time is ticking by on the recently introduced Visit Laos Year 2018 without any accurate revelations on what makes the year special for international travellers.

Critics would be right to describe this “Visit Year” project as a botched effort by government to dupe travellers into thinking there are incentives and valuable reasons to buy a holiday in Laos during 2018.

There is a general consensus in the travel segment, particularly from the perspective of governments, that Visit Years can be announced at the drop of a hat. No one in the travel industry asks serious questions about strategy, budgets and specific Visit Year signature events. Read more

Cyprus tourism saves economy

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NICOSIA, 22 November 2017: Cyprus has smashed its record for annual tourist arrivals with two months to spare, with the total reaching 3.4 million at the end of October, official figures showed at the weekend.

The eastern Mediterranean island has benefited from its reputation as a regional safe haven as unrest has hit the tourism sectors of its traditional competitors Egypt, Tunisia and Turkey.

Arrivals in the first 10 months already comfortably exceeded the record 3.18 million registered in the whole of 2016. Read more

Singapore’s tourist arrivals gain 4%

November 7, 2017 by  
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SINGAPORE, 7 November 2017: Singapore’s tourist arrivals increased 4%, year on year, to reach 8.5 million in the first half of the year according to the latest data released Monday.

According to the Singapore Tourism Board’s tally the 8.5 million visits generated SGD12.7 billion in tourist receipts, up 10%.

The strong growth in the first half of the year was attributed to higher expenditure across all major components including shopping, accommodation, food & beverage, and sightseeing, entertainment & gaming. Read more

Thailand’s September arrivals positive

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BANGKOK, 20 October 2017: Thailand registered 26,100,782 tourist arrivals, January to September, ensuring it remains on course to hit the 35 million mark by year-end.

The first nine months saw an increase in arrivals of 5.40% year to date.

Ministry of Tourism and Sports data, released Tuesday, confirmed a relatively strong September performance with 2,55,689 arrivals up 5.75% year on year. Read more

TCT says confidence running high

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BANGKOK, 29 September 2017: Confidence in Thailand’s tourism is running at an all-time high with the Tourism Council of Thailand claiming the year’s fourth quarter will see the confidence index rise to 103.

Normal business confidence has a benchmark of 100 and the third quarter index according to TCT clocked in at 98.

In its market outlook, presented Wednesday, TCT said quarter three confidence was impacted by concerns over the domestic economy, heavy flooding that disrupted tourism and trade, especially in the northeast region of the country, rising domestic costs and intensified competition in the travel trade. Read more

Air travel dominates with cheap fares

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BANGKOK, 28 September 2017: Thailand’s latest tourism statistics through to the end of August indicate that 85.2% of all visits are air arrivals, clocked in at immigration counters in airports, leaving just 13.6% to cross at overland borders and 1.2% to disembark at seaports.

Air travel dominates even for travel from neighbouring countries. Fares are cheap than ever before, while overland bus travel is considered risky and time consuming.

In August alone arrivals by air reached 2,670,430 as opposed to 425,634 by land and 37,347 by sea. Read more

UNWTO: Tourism a runaway success

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MADRID, 11 September 2017: Destinations worldwide saw a turnover of 598 million international tourists arrivals in the first six months of 2017, some 36 million more than in the same period of 2016, UNWTO estimates in its latest World Tourism Barometer.

Returning a growth of 6%, year-to-date, it represents the strongest increase since 2010 when the increase registered 4%.

Results are underpinned by robust growth in many destinations and a continuation of the recovery for destinations that suffered declines in previous years. Read more

Thai tourism trends positive

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BANGKOK, 21 August 2017: Foreign tourist visits to Thailand increase 4.81% in July to reach 3,088,042 according to the Ministry of Tourism and Sports, permanent secretary Pongpanun Svetarundra.

The top  region was East Asia followed by Europe, South Asia, Americas and the Middle East.

During July, tourist spending generated revenue of THB156,403.03, up 6.16% from the same period last year. Read more

France tops tourism chart

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MADRID, 4 August 2017: France retained its position as the world’s favourite tourism destination in 2016, the UN World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO) said Wednesday, defying concerns over terror attacks.

The United States came second followed closely by Spain, according to annual figures that the Madrid-based UNWTO normally announces in January, but which were delayed this year.

But although France stayed on top of the tourist arrivals chart by welcoming 82.6 million visitors in 2016, that was a more than 2% drop from the previous year, the figures showed. Read more

Tourism braves the storm

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BANGKOK, 19 August 2016: Tourist arrivals through the country’s main gateway, Suvarnabhumi Airport, slowed down between 5% to 11% daily for a six-day period following the bombs attacks in the seven southern provinces 11 to 12 August.

Ministry of Tourism and Sports’ Department of Tourism updated the daily tally, Thursday, for the period  13 to 18 August, on its website based on the Immigration Bureau data collected at Suvarnabhumi Airport, Thailand’s main gateway airport.

Tourism Authority of Thailand’s public relations department forwarded PDF charts of the tourist flow to the media for 11 to 18 August. They showed a slight upturn 17 and 18 August in the daily tally of tourist arrivals at Suvarnabhumi Airport Bangkok. Read more