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TripStack opens an interline door for Nok Air


STOCKHOLM, 26 October 2023: TripStack, a travel technology solutions provider and a member of Etraveli Group (ETG), is launching a Self-Connect product for airlines, also known as Virtual Interlining and has picked up Thailand-based subscriber Nok Air.

Self-Connect, or Virtual Interlining (VI), combines flights from the retailing airline with other carriers to create itineraries seamlessly serving a set of destinations worldwide. The concept allows airlines to expand their network by offering customers additional travel destinations they do not directly service.

Nok Air, a domestic airline in Thailand, has leveraged TripStack’s Self-Connect solution and recently announced the launch of a new service called “NokGo”. 

“We are excited to announce our partnership with TripStack, providing our Nok Air passengers with more flexible travel options worldwide. With this new platform, we can take flight connectivity to the next level for our passengers by offering them more flights to more destinations,” said NokAir chief executive officer Wutthiphum Jurangkool.

TripStack CEO Gabor Toth emphasised the significance of this collaboration:
”We look forward to further collaborating with Nok Air, expanding their service, and providing Nok Air with new commercial opportunities.”

As Virtual Interlining for airlines gains momentum in the industry, TripStack anticipates that more airlines will recognise the unique benefits of the Self-Connect solution to enhance their offerings and strengthen their competitiveness in the global aviation market.

TripStack identifies key features picked up by Nok Air as part of the collaboration.

• Expanded Network: Airlines can offer tickets to a wide range of destinations, even in regions where they do not operate flights, expanding their global reach using TripStack and Etraveli Groups air content capabilities.

• Seamless Booking Experience: Customers can book flights to multiple destinations in a single transaction across numerous payment options, making travel planning more convenient and efficient.

• Increased Revenue: Airlines can boost their revenue by further monetising traffic on their website and earning additional revenues from TripStack.

• Integrated customer service: TripStack provides worldwide customer support in multiple languages.

• TripStack Technology: Sophisticated flight itinerary analysis searches through billions of flight options to offer the best air content in the market (a combination of shortest duration and lowest priced) itineraries.

• Guarantee: TripStack and ETG offer a Self-Connect Guarantee to protect passengers in the event of delays, disruptions, or cancellations, ensuring a hassle-free journey.

About TripStack

TripStack, founded in 2016, is a global leader in Airline Integrations and Virtual Interlining (VI) technology. Virtual Interlining, also known as Self-Connect, seamlessly combines carriers without traditional interlining agreements into a single itinerary. Based in Canada, India, and Poland, TripStack is part of Etraveli Group.

About Etraveli Group (ETG)

Headquartered in Sweden, ETG is a global technology provider for flight content delivered through flexible tech solutions. The company caters to over 30 million flight passengers annually in 75 markets worldwide. 

About Nok Air

Nok Air is home-based at Bangkok Don Mueang International Airport. It operates Boeing 737-800 aircraft on domestic and regional flights, including routes to India and China. 

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