Salavan opens natural attractions

March 7, 2017 by  
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SALAVAN, 7 March 2017: The southern Lao province of Salavan is preparing to open up an area of Phouphasouk mountain to tourism this April.

New attractions will include caves and a waterfall and authorities say they will open them to tourists as early at the Lao New Year holiday in mid-April.

Vientiane Times reported the site is located at Phouphasouk mountain about 20 km from the provincial capital. Read more

Waterfall adventure kills tourists

February 29, 2016 by  
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HANOI, 29 February 2016: Three British tourists found dead at the foot of a waterfall in Vietnam had slipped into a gorge and were swept by strong currents over the 20 metre falls, the director of a tour company told AFP Saturday.

The bodies of two women and one man were retrieved Friday by scores of aid workers who scrambled down cliffs abutting the tiered waterfalls outside of Dalat, a city nestled in Vietnam’s central highlands.

The Datanla falls are a popular spot for adventure tourists, with opportunities to rappel on the rocks and luge around the jungle park. Read more