Sabre taps Mongolia travel

November 30, 2017 by  
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SINGAPORE, 30 November, 2017: Sabre has entered into a new distribution agreement with Aviation Services Mongolia (ASM) to distribute the Sabre global distribution system (GDS) in Mongolia.

In tandem with this, ASM has successfully converted Air Market, Mongolia’s largest travel agency, to the Sabre GDS.

The agreement gives Air Market access to 750,000 global hotel properties, 400 international airlines, and hundreds of other services including car rental, rail and cruise providers through the Sabre travel marketplace. Read more

Hong Kong Airlines buys into Sabre data

November 8, 2017 by  
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SINGAPORE, 8 November, 2017: Sabre Corporation signed a multi-year agreement to provide Sabre MIDT Network Plus data to Hong Kong Airlines.

The purchase is expected to be pivotal in providing the airline with intelligence as they chart their expansion plans into North America.

Hong Kong Airlines will now have access to booking data from Sabre agents, worldwide, for all traveller origins and destinations where Hong Kong Airlines operates at least one segment of the traveller journey. Read more

Sabre extends CAL partnership

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SINGAPORE, 30 October 2017: China Airlines confirmed a partnership with Sabre Corporation last week that will see the airline upgrade operational systems and processes.

The  partnership will provide China Airlines with Sabre AirCentre Movement Manager solution, which provides operations controllers with the capability to monitor the status of flights, making the overall network more efficient.

“We are excited to expand Sabre’s relationship with China Airlines as their chosen technology partner for this solution,” said Sabre Airlines Solutions, Asia Pacific, vice president & regional general manager Dasha Kuksenko. Read more

Pain points of business travel

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SINGAPORE, 12 October, 2017: Time spent in transit is the most challenging aspect of business travel in Asia-Pacific, says a new report released today by the GBTA Foundation – the education and research arm of the Global Business Travel Association.

Before anyone says so what, or “tell us something new”,  the Asia-Pacific study identifies other serious gripes dished out by airlines and hotels.

They included complaints that focused on hassles related to the away-from-home work environment,  layovers and  the task of rebooking flights and hotels. Read more

Hotels can sell you an airline ticket

September 13, 2017 by  
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SINGAPORE, 13 September 2017: Time Design, a global dynamic package solution company,  announced, Tuesday, its integration with Sabre Hospitality Solutions’ SynXis Central Reservations, which will give hotels the ability to offer travel packages direct to guests.

With the integration, global travellers can combine their hotel reservations with airline tickets during a visit to the participating hotels’ websites.

Time Design’s Global Dynamic Package Solution combines real-time availability and prices of both accommodation and transportation including the purchase of international airline tickets. Read more

Rich travel could look poor

August 9, 2017 by  
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SINGAPORE, 9 August 2017: Travellers are adopting new ideas on what constitutes luxury travel, according to the latest Sabre study.

Heading for the exit are the flashy logos and conspicuous consumption, replaced by more subtle indulgences, not so showy and not in the face of those who are blessed with less cash.

The trending shows today’s luxury traveller gravitates toward travel that enables them to live out their personal values and fulfill dreams through exclusive experiences. Read more

Sabre names president hospitality

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SINGAPORE, 27 July 2017: Sabre Corporation appointed Clinton Anderson, earlier this week, as president of Sabre Hospitality Solutions (SHS), effective 7 August.

He will succeed Alex Alt who has accepted an executive position at another company.

Anderson joined Sabre in 2014, and he currently serves as senior vice president of strategy. Read more

Batik flies with Sabre

July 24, 2017 by  
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SINGAPORE, 24 July 2017: Sabre Corporation has confirmed it has secured the first global distribution system (GDS) partnership with Lion Group’s full service Indonesia-based airline subsidiary, Batik Air.

Batik Air’ aims to expand its reach and open new distribution channels through the deal with Sabre.

Indonesia has one of the world’s largest travel markets with a growing economy and affluence, creating an increasingly competitive landscape among local airlines. Read more

Himalaya taps travel agency channel

July 13, 2017 by  
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SINGAPORE, 13 July 2017: Sabre Corporation announced, Tuesday, a new global distribution partnership with Himalaya Airlines.

The partnership will support the airline’s long-term goal to connect Nepal to major cities in Asia and the Middle East.

Currently the airline’s homepage (Where we Fly) identifies daily services to Colombo, Sri Lanka and Doha, Qatar. Read more

FareNabber nabs bookings

July 4, 2017 by  
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SINGAPORE, 4 July 2017: Sabre Corporation launched its new FareNabber API, last week, at Sabre’s TTX innovation conference in Las Vegas.

It will help to empower travel companies to create a smarter, more personalised experience for consumers when shopping for airfares.

In a world where technology is regularly used to automate and simplify common tasks, consumers expect the same experience when shopping for travel. Read more

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