Bali bogged down by trash

January 3, 2018 by  
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DENPARSAR, 3 January 2018: Bali’s palm-fringed Kuta beach has long been a favourite with tourists seeking sun and surf, but nowadays its golden shoreline is disappearing under a mountain of garbage.

Plastic straws and food packaging are strewn between sunbathers, while surfers bobbing behind the waves dodge waste flushed out from rivers or brought in by swirling currents.

“When I want to swim, it is not really nice. I see a lot of garbage here every day, every time,” Austrian traveller Vanessa Moonshine explains. Read more

Marina Bay greens its seafood supply

October 31, 2017 by  
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SINGAPORE  31 October 2017: Marina Bay Sands is working with a World Wide Fund for Nature Singapore project by supporting for four aquaculture farms in Malaysia.

WWF attempts to raise sustainability standards within Asia’s hospitality industry, starting with ocean conservation and a supply of fish from farms rather than ocean catches.

Through the partnership, Marina Bay Sands aims to have 50% of its total seafood by volume responsibly sourced by 2020. Read more

Pattaya clears beach garbage

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PATTAYA, 19 October 2017: City authorities say they have cleaned the resort’s beaches after heavy monsoon storms washed up tons of mostly plastic garbage on the resort’s main bay and adjacent Jomthien beach.

Manager online reported, 18 October, that Jomtien beach was clean once more after damning pictures appeared, earlier in the week, on social websites and a local Pattaya online news channel.

The photos appeared to show tourists sunbathing on the beach in the midst of a pile of trash. It looked as if they were lying in the garbage, but that was probably exaggerated by the camera’s zoom that reduced depth of field. Read more

Recycling project born on Samet

September 5, 2017 by  
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SAMET ISLAND, Rayong, 5 September 2017:  The Tourism Authority of Thailand officially kicked off the ‘Upcycling the Oceans, Thailand’ project on Monday.

The project was launched at a ceremony held in the Khao Laem Ya Mu Ko Samet Marine National Park off the coast of Rayong province.

Thailand has the distinction of being the first Asian country to join the Upcycling the Oceans clean-up campaign, held as a part of a global initiative by the Ecoalf Foundation to help clean the oceans of debris by engaging the help of local fishermen. Read more

Ban plastic bottles on your travels

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PHNOM PENH, 15 August 2017: Journeys Within, a US-based tour company, has introduced a video illustrating a day in the life of a reusable water bottle in the hands of a traveller visiting Siem Reap, Cambodia.

It illustrates the ‘Refill Not Landfill’ campaign, which aims to cut down on millions of single-use plastic water bottles discarded in Cambodia annually.

Tour companies are encouraged to offer reusable aluminium bottles and refill stations as an alternative. Read more

Vang Vieng to upgrade standards

June 16, 2017 by  
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VIENTIANE, 16 June 2017: Vang Vieng’s tourism authorities will improve the standard of attractions, facilities and services to make the travel experience more rewarding.

Vientiane Times quoted a provincial Information, Culture and Tourism Department official, Boualy Milattanapheng, saying authorities will upgrade tourist attractions, while also implementing service training to meet international standards as the country prepares for Visit Laos Year 2018.

“The department is ranking hotels and guesthouses standards from one to five stars, as well as offering hotel and guesthouse staff training.” Read more

Thailand tackles ocean trash

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BANGKOK, 14 February 2017: Thai authorities are trying to clean up a massive, one-kilometre long tangle of trash, officials said Friday, calling it the largest garbage heap to float through the kingdom’s waters.

The mass of debris was estimated to weigh some 300 tonnes, said Sopon Thongdee, deputy director of Thailand’s Marine and Coastal Resources Department.

“In all my working life I’ve never seen an amount of garbage this huge,” he told AFP, adding that it was first spotted off of southern Chumpon province and has since floated north. Read more

Mandalay dumps plastic bags

June 11, 2015 by  
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MANDALAY, 11 June 2015: Mandalay’s city officials say they wlll encourage tourism and shopping establishments to abolish plastic shopping bags and use alternatives that are more environmentally friendly.

Global New Light of Myanmar media reported Mandalay City Development Committee discussed how to become a plastic bag free city during a meeting with owners of restaurants, teashops, pubs and hotels late last week.

The city is facing a massive challenge to deal with household garbage, but the expansion of tourism is adding to the city’s problems dealing with the tons of plastic bags visitors leave behind.

Read more