Blaze ends Kandawgyi Palace era

October 20, 2017 by  
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YANGON, 20 October 2017: A fire broke out at Yangon’s iconic Kandawgyi Palace Hotel, 0300 Wednesday, turning the predominantly wooden structure into a smouldering ruin.

One of the first five-star hotels to open in Yangon on the banks of a picturesque lake, the fire gutted the entire hotel by the time it was extinguished at around 0700.

One person died and there were reports of some injuries to staff, fire fighters and guests who were staying at hotel. Read more

Crew averts mid-air fire

August 2, 2017 by  
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COLOMBO, 2 August 2017: Crew on a Sri Lankan Airlines plane carrying 202 passengers extinguished a mid-flight fire triggered by a mobile phone battery in an overhead locker, the carrier said Monday.

The airline said a “major” incident was averted by the quick-thinking attendants on the flight that departed, Sunday, from Kochi in India to Colombo.

Smoke was detected shortly after a meal service on the 70-minute flight, it said. Read more

Battery flies and fires

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ISTANBUL, 11 July 2017: An external battery pack caught fire late last week at Istanbul’s Ataturk airport after an angry passenger threw the object because of an electronic devices ban on flights to the UK, the airport operator said.

“A passenger declined to surrender a powerbank, while embarking on a UK bound flight. During the argument he crashed the item on a hard surface and the powerbank caught fire,” TAV Airports said on its official Twitter account.

“No one was injured during the incident,” TAV said, adding that electronic devices were not allowed in the cabin of Britain-bound flights. Read more

Fire in Changi terminal 2

May 18, 2017 by  
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SINGAPORE, 18 May 2017: Hundreds of passengers were evacuated from Singapore’s Changi Airport, Tuesday, after a fire in a terminal, authorities and witnesses said, delaying flights at the global hub.

Smoke swept through the airport’s Terminal 2 building after the fire broke out in the departure hall, spurring authorities to seal off the area.

Operator Changi Airport Group said in a statement two people were sent to hospital for observation after approaching staff for medical assistance and four others were brought to a clinic at Terminal 3. Read more

Battery explodes on flight

March 16, 2017 by  
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SYDNEY, 16 March 2017: A woman whose headphones caught fire on a plane suffered burns to her face and hands, Australian officials said, Wednesday, as they warned about the dangers of battery-operated devices in-flight.

The passenger was listening to music on her own battery-operated headphones as she dozed about two hours into the trip from Beijing to Melbourne, 19 February, when there was a loud explosion.

“As I went to turn around I felt burning on my face,” she told the Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB) which investigated the incident. Read more

Hoi An tackles fire risks

February 22, 2017 by  
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QUANG NAM, 22 February 2017: Hoi An City’s administration plans to install a comprehensive firefighting system in Hoi An ancient town to protect the area from fire threats.

Tuoi Tre News quoted the administration deputy chairman, Nguyen Van Son, saying the authority is awaiting approval to install a USD8.93-million firefighting system in Hoi An  to ensure the town’s wooden houses can deal with fires.

“Our present system is 10 years old and has become badly degraded, making it difficult to respond in a timely manner to emergencies.” Read more

EgpytAir flight broke up mid-air

July 25, 2016 by  
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NEW YORK, 25 July 2016: An EgyptAir flight that crashed into the Mediterranean in May likely broke up in mid-air after a fire erupted in or near the cockpit, the New York Times reported Friday.

However it remains unclear whether the blaze was triggered by mechanical malfunction or a criminal act, Egyptian officials who spoke on condition of anonymity told the Times.

Last Saturday an Egyptian-led investigative committee reported that the word “fire” could be heard on EgyptAir flight 804’s cockpit voice recorder before it crashed. Read more

Singapore pursues firms over haze

July 4, 2016 by  
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SINGAPORE, 4 July 2016: Singapore is refusing to back down in its pursuit of those responsible for haze-belching forest fires in Southeast Asia last year, despite struggling to bring the perpetrators before the courts and drawing a sharp rebuke from neighbouring Indonesia.

Forest fires are part of an annual dry-season problem in Indonesia, started illegally to quickly and cheaply clear land for cultivation — particularly for palm oil and pulpwood.

But last year’s haze outbreak was among the worst in memory, shrouding Malaysia, Singapore, and parts of Thailand in acrid smoke and forcing school closures as pollution reached hazardous levels and thousands fell sick across the region. Read more

SQ fire prompts investigation

June 28, 2016 by  
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SINGAPORE, 28 June 2016: Flames engulfed the wing of a Singapore Airlines plane after it made an emergency landing at the city’s main airport on Monday, with dramatic footage showing plumes of black smoke billowing from the aircraft.

The carrier said the Boeing 777-300ER en route for Milan turned back about two hours into the flight from Changi Airport following an engine oil warning message.

The blaze was put out by airport emergency services and there were no injuries to the 222 passengers and 19 crew on board, SIA said in a statement. Read more

SQ plane on fire

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SINGAPORE, 27 June 2016: A Singapore Airlines plane caught fire, Monday, while making an emergency landing at Changi Airport after turning back from a flight to Milan following an engine oil warning message, the carrier said.

No one was injured aboard the Boeing 777-300ER, but one passenger described those moments as a “so-close to death” experience.

SIA said in a statement the plane was en route from Singapore to Milan when an engine oil warning forced it to turn back to the city-state. Read more

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