Nepal moves rhinos to new home

April 5, 2017 by  
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CHITIWAN, 5 April 2017: Conservationists captured a rare one-horned rhinoceros in Nepal, Monday, as part of an attempt to increase the number of the vulnerable animals, which are prized by wildlife poachers.

Five rhinos — one male and four female — will be released into a national park in Nepal’s far west over the coming week in the hope of establishing a new breeding group.

The first, a large male estimated to be around 12 years old, was located by rangers in Chitwan National Park after a four-hour search on elephant-back. Read more

Tiger cubs sighted in Khao Yai

March 29, 2017 by  
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BANGKOK, 29 March 2017: Conservationists on Tuesday hailed the discovery of a new breeding population of tigers in Thailand as a “miraculous” victory for a sub-species feared wiped out by poaching.

Images of four mothers and six cubs, captured by camera traps in an eastern Thai jungle throughout 2016, confirm the presence of what is only the world’s second known breeding population of the endangered Indochinese tiger.

The last such tiger family was seen 15 years ago in a western forest corridor along Thailand’s border with Myanmar. Read more

Cambodia to save its beaches

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SIHANOUKVILLE, 20 January 2017: Some Sihanoukville beaches will be declared protected areas according to Cambodia’s Ministry of Tourism new development plan in a bid to curtail expansion that could destroy the beach environment.

Cambodia Daily reported the new plan will ensure some beaches will be declared conservation areas off-limits to tourism development. Investors will be invited to develop beach resorts only at areass that are outside the conservation zones.

Some coastal areas will be open to conservation projects for research only, while others will be limited to ecotourism. The remaining beaches will be open for development with limits on construction from the beach front and the size of the properties. Read more

Building fever threatens heritage

June 7, 2016 by  
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PHNOM PENH, 7 June 2016: Phnom Penh authorities are discussing how to preserve historical buildings in the capital city as real estate developers clear sites to make way for high-rise buildings.

Khmer Times quoted Phnom Penh governor, Pa Socheatvong, saying meetings have discussed ways to protect the architectural heritage of Phnom Penh, but critics say it maybe too late as regulations and zoning laws remain weak, or ignored by wealthy investors.

“National and local governments will create a master plan to conserve Phnom Penh by limiting the number of high-rise buildings surrounding urban heritage sites between now and 2030.” Read more

Sabah turtles have their day

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KOTA KINABAULU, 4 May 2016: The fourth edition of the Mabul World Turtle Day festivities continues to 8 May at the Borneo Divers Resort.

The event is organised by y the Tourism, Culture and Environment Ministry, University of Malaysia Sabah (UMS), Semporna District Office, Borneo Connections, Raintree Beach and Golf Resort.

It aims to create public awareness, while enhancing education, research and conservation of the resident sea turtle population in the waters of Mabul Island in Semporna. Read more

Tigers make a tiny comeback

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NEW DELHI, 12 April 2016: The number of wild tigers across the globe has increased for the first time in a century thanks to improved conservation efforts, wildlife groups said on Monday.

Data compiled by the WWF and the Global Tiger Forum show that the global population of wild tigers has risen to an estimated 3,890 from an all-time low of 3,200 in 2010.

“For the first time after decades of constant decline, tiger numbers are on the rise,” Marco Lambertini, Director General of WWF International, said in a statement released on Monday. Read more