Pattaya needs a remake

June 23, 2016 by  
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PATTAYA, 23 June 2016: I thought I would try to identify Pattaya-bound travellers while queuing at Suvarnabhumi airport’s Immigration counter. Not a difficult challenge if like me you have spent considerable time in Thailand’s eastern seaboard tourist trap.

I am tempted to say that most Pattaya travellers would fall short of the Ministry of Tourism and Sports’ Quality Tourism tag, but that would be unfair. They could be billionaires dressing down to a T-shirt and shorts, travelling incognito.

Pattaya is convinced that it has “reinvented” itself over the last decade and a testament to that sentiment is the increase in international hotel chains prepared to put their brand names to an assortment of new generation hotels. Read more

Travel awash with awards

January 15, 2016 by  
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BANGKOK, 15 January 2016: Famed English Actor, Maureen Lipman, remarked that awards in the acting profession were “Prizes a bit like Piles – every bum gets one sooner or later”.

It applies equally to the travel industry. Everybody likes to win, or be associated with winning a professional award at some time in their career.

Be it personal, company or product related, it can be a career’s defining moment and if nothing else it looks good on the CV.  Read more