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Chiang Mai airport open all hours


CHIANG MAI, 3 November 2023A: Kudos to Thai Vietjet for taking the first departure slot after midnight as the city’s airport ushered in its 24-hour open status starting 0001 on 1 November.  

Airports of Thailand that manages the city’s airport announced the change to an “open all hours” status last week, saying it was activating one of the Prime Minister’s initiatives.  

The first off-the-blocks after the clock struck midnight was Thai Vietjet flight VZ822. It departed from Chiang Mai International Airport 0030 on 1 November and landed at Osaka’s Kansai International Airport at 0750 on the same day (local time).

Thai Vietjet chief executive officer Woranate Laprabang praised the policy change. “This marks another milestone for Thai Vietjet as Chiang Mai is one of our most important operation hubs. With nonstop 24/7 operation at Chiang Mai International Airport, Thai Vietjet will be able to provide more flight services with seamless connections to various destinations and enhanced flight schedules, offering more convenient choices of travel to our passengers.”

But a caveat looms over the airline’s enthusiasm concerning the potential of around-the-clock flights. Airport authorities say for now, flights will not be approved to land or take off after 0100 so the good people of Chiang Mai can still catch some sleep. Ultimately, after public response, feedback and town hall debates, the airport will get its way, and the reality of being open all hours will take over from the current theoretical status.

Thai Vietjet recognises the transition to 24-hour operations at Chiang Mai International Airport, saying it promises numerous advantages for passengers, including more flexible booking options, less congestion during busy periods, and improved access to a wide range of destinations the airline serves. The extended hours will facilitate smoother connections for both domestic and international flights, bolstering Chiang Mai International Airport’s status as a crucial hub for tourism.

Currently, Thai Vietjet, in cooperation with Vietjet Group, offers flight services connecting Chiang Mai with many domestic and international destinations, including Bangkok (Suvarnabhumi), Phuket, Osaka, and Ho Chi Minh City.

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