Scott Dunn names 10 top hot spots

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SINGAPORE, 21 November 2017: A tour operator that started its career specialising in luxury ski tours has branched out into naming the top hottest destinations in 2018.

Scott Dunn opened for business in 1986 in the UK offering sky holidays in Europe. The tour operator has since branched out to offer the full gamut of luxury “tailored holidays” and opened a base in Singapore.

Claiming there is a growing demand for authentic experiences the company identifies 10 hidden gems and with just two exception they have nothing to do with ski slopes. Scott Dunn identifies its top trending luxury spots. Read more

Monarch rolls down shutters

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LONDON, 3 October 2017: Monarch Airlines ceased trading, Monday, triggering a move by the British government to bring home 110,000 customers stranded abroad.

The British airline and its holidays business entered administration, with KPMG appointed to oversee the financial chaos.

The UK’s Civil Aviation Authority described the situation as “the biggest ever UK airline failure,” adding that “all future holidays and flights provided by these companies have been cancelled and are no longer operating”. Read more

Turkey takes a long holiday

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ANKARA, 17 August 2017: The Turkish government on Tuesday extended upcoming public holidays to 10 days in the hope of boosting the tourism sector which has been hit by a slump in foreign visitors.

Turks were already looking forward to several holidays in the next few weeks, with Victory Day on 30 August followed by the Muslim Feast of the Sacrifice Festival from 31 August to 4 September.

But there had been pressure from the tourism sector for 28 to 29 August to be declared public holidays, creating a link to the previous weekend and giving people a full 10 days off. Read more

Asarnha Bucha Day holiday

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BANGKOK, 7 July 2017: Thais and foreign residents will enjoy a three-day holiday break starting this Saturday thanks to two Buddhist celebrations that fall on Saturday and Sunday.

The Saturday, 8 July, marks the full-moon Asarnha Bucha Day, (15th day of the eighth month), while Khao Phansa (Buddhist lent) is celebrated, 9 July, when Buddhist monks are confined to their temples during the traditional rice planting and harvest months.

Monday 10 July is a substitute for Asarnha Bucha Day. Read more

TUI bets on summer boost

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FRANKFURT, 16 May 2017: German travel group TUI on Monday confirmed its sunny forecast for the full year, betting on strong summer business to outweigh a net loss in the “challenging” first half.

TUI is in the midst of a transformation into a package holiday provider, focussing on its own hotels and cruises after taking over British subsidiary TUI Travel in 2014.

TUI, which runs its business year from October to September, booked a net loss of 363 million euros (USD397 million) for the six months to March. Read more

Chakri Memorial Day

April 5, 2017 by  
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BANGKOK, 5 April 2017: Thais enjoy a public holiday, Thursday, 6 April, just a week ahead of the popular Songkran festival, 13 to 15 April.

Both are public holidays for government, banks and commercial sectors.

The country celebrates Chakri Memorial Day, Thursday, 6 April, to honour the 10 kings who have ruled Thailand under the present Chakri Dynasty. Read more

Makha Bucha holiday

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BANGKOK, 10 February 2017: Makha Bucha, an important religious celebration in the Buddhist calendar, falls on Saturday 11 February, the full-moon day of the third lunar month. Offices, banks and government offices in Thailand close for the substitution holiday on Monday, 13 February.

The religious holiday is designated a public holiday in most Mekong Region countries such as Thailand, Myanmar, Laos and Cambodia, where Buddhism holds sway.

This Sunday, Buddhists will attend ceremonies that venerate the Lord Buddha and his teachings. It involves visits to temples to perform merit-making activities in the morning.  In the evening, people join candlelight processions around a temple’s ordination chapel, three times in a clockwise direction. Read more

Constitution Day holiday

December 9, 2016 by  
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BANGKOK, 9 December 2016: Thais will take their second public holiday of the month to mark Constitution Day, Saturday 10 December, with a substitution day falling on Monday, 12 December.

It marks the second long weekend break in December, which encourages an exodus of Bangkok residents, who head for beach resorts, or North Thailand’s hill country noted for its cooler climate.

As for Constitution Day, 10 December, it always begs the question, which constitution? It marks the first promulgated charter in 1932 introduced by the first ever civilian-led government following the adoption of a constitutional monarchy. Read more

Trat to promote low-carbon holidays

September 2, 2016 by  
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TRAT, 2 September 2016: Trat, the easternmost province on the Gulf of Thailand coast, plans to position itself as a low-carbon society.

While the project covers every facet of the province’s economy, the carbon count for tourism could improve as low-carbon transport and holiday facilities are established.

Supporting the eastern province’s branding, Tourism Authority of Thailand has identified Trat as an ideal destination for what it calls low-carbon holidays. Read more

World Tourism Day all work and no play

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BANGKOK, 30 August 2016: The Thai government spokesman, Maj Gen Sansern Kaewkamnerd, says there have been no discussions at Cabinet level on the Tourism Authority of Thailand’s idea to declare 26 and 27 September special holidays.

According to TAT a press release, 15 August, the authority said it would seek  Cabinet approval to recognise 26 and 27 September as a special one-off holidays to celebrate World Tourism Day that is being officially hosed in Thailand, 27 September.

Declaring a long-weekend holiday from Saturday 24 to Tuesday 27 September would promote domestic tourism.  Read more

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