Halong bay raises fees

April 4, 2017 by  
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QUANG NINH, 4 April 2017: Quang Ninh has set new sightseeing fees for Halong Bay effective 1 April.

Local media reported that new fees for sightseeing routes in Halong and Bai Tu Long Bays will range from VND200,000 to VND250,000 (USD9 to USD11) per route.

Previously, visitors paid an entrance fee of VND120,000 (USD5.27) and additional fees for each single site they visited, ranging from VND30,000 to VND50,000 (USD1.32 to USD2.2) per one site. Read more

Preparing for the Songkran nightmare

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BANGKOK, 21 March 2017: Thailand’s Cabinet announced, last Tuesday, a waiver of  inter-city tollways for motorists during the upcoming Songkran festival next month.

According to the Cabinet’s document, motorway travel will be free during the Songkran festival, from 0001, 11 April to 2400, 18 April, to encourage Thais to travel by car to visit friends and relatives in the provinces.

It didn’t say why it was encouraging Thais to travel by car. The holiday is notorious for the annual killing spree on roads that usually ends with around  500 fatalities and in excess of 3,000 serious injuries, blamed on speeding and drunk driving. Read more

Cambodia delay museum fee hike

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PHNOM PENH, 20 March 2017: Cambodia’s Ministry of Economy and Finance has agreed to delay scheduled entry fee increases at the Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum and the National Museum until July.

Phnom Penh Post reported that a letter issued late last month and obtained last Tuesday, indicated the ministry had agreed to postpone the increases – from USD5 to USD10 at the National Museum and USD3 to USD5 at Tuol Sleng – which were originally slated for last January.

The decision to delay the price increase came after the Cambodian Association of Travel Agents wrote a letter to the Ministry of Culture and Fine Arts underlining their inability to absorb the extra charges in such a short period of time, it said. Read more

Fair Prices please for everyone

February 27, 2017 by  
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BANGKOK, 27 February 2017: We are comfortable with Fair Trade having read the small print on the label of our joggers that confidently assures us they were manufactured with an eye on ethics.

Fair play is internationally accepted as the ruling principle in the drive to rid global sports of cheats. No one challenges that enterprise.

So why is the tourism industry slow to campaign for fair prices? We don’t see the UNWTO coming out in condemnation of dual pricing that is practiced by many of its member countries. But there is no doubt that establishing prices based on nationality is a form of discrimination for the rest of the world. Read more

Higher Angkor fees will deter visits

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SIEM REAP, 27 January 2017: Cambodia National Tourism Alliance says the new entrance fees at Angkor Historical Park that will be effective 1 February may trigger a drop in visitors.

Khmer Times quoted the agency general secretary, Ho Vandy, saying Angkor Wat and the surrounding temples will see a slowdown in foreign tourists once ticket prices increase.

“We have predicted that the number of foreign tourists visiting Angkor park will decrease because the cost of the entrance pass is too high.” Read more

Huong Pagoda fees rise

December 14, 2016 by  
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HANOI, 14 December 2016: Fees to visit Huong (Perfume) Pagoda, will increase from VND49,000 (USD2.2) to VND78,000 (USD3.4) from the beginning of 2017.

Local media reported that the increase is the first since 2012.

“The increase will help to meet rising costs that have occurred during the past five years in order to maintain the relics on the site,” the pagoda’s management board said. Read more

Thailand’s October arrivals rise 11%

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BANGKOK, 30 November 2016: Thailand’s Ministry of Tourism and Sports reports international visits exceeded 27.07 million, an improvement of 11.27% during January to October this year.

Released Tuesday, the ministry’s data showed the country attracted 27,076,308 international visits during the first 10 months of this year, compared to 24,332,817 visits during the same period last year.

The data is based on foreign passport, or ID holders, passing through international checkpoints (land, sea and air). Read more

Airlines exempt rebooking fees

October 19, 2016 by  
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BANGKOK, 19 October 2016: To assist passengers travelling in Thailand during the official mourning period for the Late His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej, most Thai airlines will waive fees for changing flights.

Bangkok Airways waives rebooking fees for passengers holding tickets for travel to Bangkok, 14 October until 30 November this year.

It saves around THB1,300 in rebooking fees on Bangkok Airways. Read more

Bagan switches fees to Kyat

December 22, 2015 by  
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BAGAN, 22 December 2015: Myanmar Tourism Federation will begin collecting entrance fees in local currency at heritage sites in Bagan, effective 1 January 2016.

Global New Light of Myanmar reported that despite a Ministry of Culture order that authorised collection in local currency as of 1 November 2015, the launch date was changed to 1 January next year.

A notice stating that visitors will pay K25, 000 instead of USD20 has now been issued by the ministry. Read more

CAAT short of cash for training

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BANGKOK, 16 December 2015: Thailand’s Civil Aviation Authority of Thailand will consider a proposal to collect a THB15 levy from airlines and passengers to cover its management and training costs.

CAAT director, Chula Sukmanop, said the THB15 airfare levy might be levied on travellers on both arrival and departure to support the authority’s management and staff training costs. It will also require carriers to pay higher fees for license applications and business operations.

“CAAT has been transformed into an independent organisation which means we are no longer financed by the state budget….however, we need to discuss with airlines before making final decision on this scheme.” Read more