Air travel dominates with cheap fares

September 28, 2017 by  
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BANGKOK, 28 September 2017: Thailand’s latest tourism statistics through to the end of August indicate that 85.2% of all visits are air arrivals, clocked in at immigration counters in airports, leaving just 13.6% to cross at overland borders and 1.2% to disembark at seaports.

Air travel dominates even for travel from neighbouring countries. Fares are cheap than ever before, while overland bus travel is considered risky and time consuming.

In August alone arrivals by air reached 2,670,430 as opposed to 425,634 by land and 37,347 by sea. Read more

Fly less explore more

May 15, 2017 by  
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CHIANG RAI, 15 May 2017: Myanmar’s e-Visa is changing the country’s travel landscape and opening alternative tourist routes linked to Thailand’s far north.

The e-Visa is convenient, easy on the wallet and once you are online applying for it you will probably stay online to research and book a travel itinerary that will be a perfect fit. Read more

Indonesia hits 2016 target

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JAKARTA, 23 February 2017: Indonesia welcomed slightly more than 12 million international visitors in 2016, representing a 15.54% increase year-on-year.

Ministry of Tourism deputy minister for international tourism marketing, I Gede Pitana, and National of Bureau of Statistics head, Suharyono, confirmed at a press conference, last week, that the country had reached its 12 million target set for 2016.

The year’s tally closed at 12.023 million visits including data from secondary border checkpoints. Read more