Berliners vote for Tegel

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BERLIN, 26 September 2017: Berliners have voted to keep open the Cold War-era city airport Tegel, threatening political turbulence in the German capital and more trouble for Chancellor Angela Merkel after a bruising election victory.

Tegel or TXL has long been marked for closure, but an embarrassing years-long delay in opening its larger replacement airport BER led to a popular push to keep operating it after all as the capital’s second airport.

In a referendum held on the same day as the general election, some 56.1% of voters supported the drive to keep Tegel open, the final results showed late Sunday. Read more

Ghost trains serve Berlin airport

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BERLIN, 7 June 2017: Lufthansa had its planes ready and German Chancellor Angela Merkel was lined up for the ribbon-cutting ceremony — all was in place for the opening of Berlin’s state-of-the-art airport 3 June, 2012.

Except the airport itself.

Five years on, BER airport remains unfinished, shuttered and a byword for fiasco in a country usually better known for its engineering prowess and obsession with punctuality. Read more

Strike extends at Berlin airports

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BERLIN, 14 March 2017: Workers at two airports in Berlin on Monday afternoon said they would extend a walkout over pay that has grounded almost all flights out of the German capital.

Service workers’ union Verdi on Sunday said it would call ground personnel out on strike just two days after their last walkout on Friday.

The stoppage was slated to begin at 0400 (0300 GMT) Monday and last until 1700 (0400 GMT) Tuesday, affecting some 660 flights. Read more

ITB Berlin declares full house

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BERLIN, 8 March 2017: ITB Berlin opens today with all 26 halls fully booked, according to show owner, Messe Berlin.

The world’s largest travel trade show opens with around 10,000 exhibitors from 184 countries and regions.

Botswana, the official partner country, sets the tone with an opening call to embrace sustainable tourism. Read more

New boss for Berlin joke

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BERLIN, 7 March 2017: A new chief was named Monday for Germany’s most scandal-plagued infrastructure project — Berlin’s new airport — which is five years behind schedule with no firm opening date in sight.

The BER airport was set to open in 2012, but has become a multi-billion-euro planning disaster and a running joke for Berliners, while tarnishing Germany’s reputation for engineering prowess and punctuality.

The troubled project has sparked repeated spats between the capital city Berlin, its neighbouring state of Brandenburg and the federal government, as well as with architectural and engineering firms involved. Read more

Berlin braves Christmas attack

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BERLIN, 21 December 2016: Rattled but determined tourists hit Berlin’s landmark attractions, Tuesday, saying that to keep away after the Christmas market rampage would hand victory to the attackers.

At the Brandenburg Gate, the city’s famous east-west divide and favoured tourist hangout, visitors snapped selfies even as flags hung at half-mast in mourning on nearby embassies.

David While has only a few days to see the sights and says the attack “hasn’t stopped us”. Read more