Yangon Trust guards heritage

May 29, 2017 by  
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YANGON, 29 May 2017: Yangon Heritage Trust claims Yangon has nearly 6,000 heritage buildings across the city that require checking and registering to ensure the city’s heritage is preserved.

Irrawaddy media reported so far the YHT has logged nearly 6,000 heritage buildings—some dating back to the British colonial era.

YHT’s director and vice chairperson, Daw Moe Moe Lwin, was quoted saying the number will soon be higher as the survey is expanding to other townships in Yangon that have old buildings. Read more

Yangon plaque for historic school

March 6, 2017 by  
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YANGON, 6 March 2017: Yangon Heritage Trust recognised Yangon’s Basic Education High School (6) Botahtaung as the latest  historic landmark to receive a Blue Plaque.

Formerly known as St Paul’s High School the school building received Yangon Heritage Trust’s 17th commemorative Blue Plaque last week.

YHT awards Blue Plaques to distinguish Yangon’s top architectural landmarks. Blue Plaques are permanent signs installed on public places to commemorate a link between locations and a famous person, event, or landmark. They serve as historical markers. Read more

Thai’s tallest building in trouble

September 2, 2016 by  
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BANGKOK, 2 September 2016: Just days after opening, Thailand’s tallest skyscraper by around 10 metres is already in trouble.

It could be illegal according to the Association of Organisations Protecting the Thai Constitution that has filed a complaint.

The association submitted a letter asking the Office of the Ombudsman to probe the construction of Thailand’s tallest building ‘MahaNakhon’. Read more

Vienna’s Ringstrasse turns 150

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VIENNA, 17 March 2015: In 1857, bushy-whiskered Emperor Franz Joseph proclaimed that his rapidly growing imperial capital Vienna needed a radical makeover befitting Austro-Hungary’s wealth, might and technological prowess.

This year, the centrepiece of the mammoth urban engineering project that ensued — the resplendent, 5 km “Ringstrasse” boulevard skirting old Vienna — turns 150.

With its dizzying mix of palaces, museums and public buildings in a chocolate box of different styles, the “Ring” is the “most beautiful boulevard in the world”, the tourist board said.

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