Star Alliance celebrates 25 years

SINGAPORE 17 May 2022: Star Alliance and its 26-member carriers celebrated its 25th-anniversary last week, saying it will continue to deliver seamless connectivity with new digital and mobile innovations.

“We reflect on the successes of Star Alliance in uniting the leading global airlines, with an eye firmly focused on a future where the customer continues to be at the heart of our work and our global network,” said Star Alliance CEO Jeffrey Goh,

In recognising the 1997 anniversary milestone, member carriers will release campaigns under the new brand tagline ‘Together. Better. Connected.’

Campaign touchpoints

The latest innovations will focus on a new partnership model that cements network leadership. One of them involves launching an industry-first co-branded credit card in a regional market that will offer loyal customers of member airlines the opportunity to earn miles and points on their spending.

The alliance members have also jointly adopted a sustainability statement to commit to the industry goal of net-zero carbon emissions and consequent joint efforts on decarbonisation.

Star Alliance Biometrics, launched in 2020, is now available across four major airports – Frankfurt, Munich and Vienna – with Hamburg added in April 2022.

Another development expands the alliance’s Digital Connection Service to augment the Star Alliance Connection Centres that assist in connecting passengers at major airports. This service is currently available at London Heathrow and will expand to a key European hub soon.

Award-winning Star Alliance lounge in Los Angeles and other premium lounges in Amsterdam, Rome, Rio de Janeiro, Buenos Aires, and Paris will rollout options for paid access.

The alliance plans to enhance the collection and online redemption of points and miles for award flights and upgrades across the 26 member carriers.


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