Smart is good, child-friendly is better

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BANGKOK, 12 December 2017:Airport customer relations were in the news when AirAsia’s founder challenged the management of  Malaysia’s airport on its decision to raise the passenger service tax at KLIA2 to be in line with other international airports in Malaysia.

KLIA2 is the low-cost airport next to KLIA and home to AirAsia. Its founder and chairman, Tony Fernandes, is known for dishing out criticism of the airport’s management on pricing and delays in introducing smart check-in solutions.

Airports tend to make arbitrary decisions on customer services and fees without seeking passenger feedback. Read more

IT improves passenger experience

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BANGKOK, 6 December 2017: The fundamental value of an airport – the ability to attract passengers who want to fly there – remains unchanged, or so Amadeus claims in its latest report.

But as passenger volumes continue to rise, worldwide, competition amongst airports intensifies.

That’s where Amadeus sings the praise of staying ahead of the curve, by building a sophisticated IT environment to create value for airport stakeholders. Read more

Amadeus takes the lid off Thai travel.

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BANGKOK, 29 November 2017: Thai traveller are open to sharing personal data if they can obtain a more personalised service or better price deal.

The findings released in an Amadeus study appear to go against the dominant growing distrust for sharing data of any sort that is often open to cyber attacks and hackers.

It was just one finding identified in the Amadeus publish report on Thai travellers titled “The Journey of Me Insights:  What Thai Travellers want”. Read more

Check out hotel locations

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BANGKOK, 9 November 2017: When you are not sure which part of a city to stay in, or need to know what’s cool and there are no local experts to ask, then startup AVUXI could be one answer.

The young startup claims it will rank the popularity of every place on earth so you can figure out the best places to visit when you are about to book your hotel and flight.

The London and Barcelona-based company is the latest startup to benefit from an Amadeus Ventures investment. Read more

Amadeus backs Mekong seminar

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BANGKOK, 25 September, 2017:  Amadeus and the Mekong Tourism Coordinating Office (MTCO) are jointly organising the first Mekong Trends Aviation Seminar, in Bangkok, 10 October.

They are inviting industry leaders to attend from the six member countries of the Mekong Region; Cambodia, China (Yunnan and Guang Xi provinces) Laos, Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam

The inaugural Mekong Trends Aviation Seminar will highlight the key insights of the recently published Mekong Trends Snapshot on Air Transport in the Greater Mekong Sub-region (GMS). Read more

Mongolian opts for Altéa Suite

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BANGKOK, 10 August 2017: MIAT Mongolian Airlines, the national flag carrier of Mongolia, confirmed last week a new partnership with Amadeus to upgrade its technology systems.

The airline will adopt Amadeus Altéa Suite, a passenger service system that will further the airline’s mission to connect Mongolia with the rest of the world.

Mongolia is noted for its beautiful landscapes, rich culture and vast natural resources that make it an attractive destination for tourists. Read more

Amadeus expands Indonesian base

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BANGKOK, 29 May 2017: Amadeus is expanding its presence in Indonesia, growing its investment in technology and people to support Indonesia’s travel agency community.

Having established a presence in Indonesia since 2003 the travel technology provider will open new offices in Jakarta which will be the base to take over travel agency distribution sales and customer service activity from MF Permadi a local investor, who has represented Amadeus across Indonesia. Read more

flydubai signs up for Amadeus OPEN

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BANGKOK, 25 May 2017: Competitive pricing and unbundled offers provide the traveller  with more choices and flexibility than ever  making it more difficult for airlines to build loyalty.

Amadeus is pitching its OPEN technology at airlines saying it will help them stand out in a crowded market and generate substantial revenues.

flydubai is the latest airline to sign up for “OPEN” to develop its loyalty programme. Read more

One-stop bookings a reality

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SINGAPORE, 3 March 2017: Today’s traveller performs an average of 48 searches across eight sites before landing with a specific travel option.

But smarter faster ways to find and book fares are unfolding and one of them involves an Amadeus partnership with Skyscanner and Finnair

Finnair’s full fare inventory is available on Skyscanner through Amadeus’ Altéa New Distribution Capability (NDC), allowing travellers to directly purchase Finnair tickets without leaving the Skyscanner platform.

Read more

Amadeus in the lion’s den

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BANGKOK, 28 February 2017: A new content deal signed between Amadeus and low-cost airline, Thai Lion, will give travellers worldwide a channel to book low fares to Thailand’s popular holiday destinations.

More than 30 million international tourists visited Thailand last year and according to the country’s research more than 60% will return for a second or third trip.

Familiar with the destination they will search cheap flights and the latest Amadeus agreement will ensure they can book the best fares on 17 Thai Lion routes through the Amadeus network of travel agents, worldwide. Read more

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