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TTR Weekly News Alert, 13 May 2021

Tripadvisor unveils the World's Best for 2021

Asia takes home multiple wins at the top of the World's #1 Picture Perfect Hotel and World's #1 Top Rooftop Hotel rankings.....Read More

TTC pitches for white-label partners

TTC presents its white-label options to other travel firms seeking cost-effective business models for the post-Covid-19 era.....Read More



STB, SCOPE build responsible tourism

STB and SCOPE partner to host a webinar to create the foundation for responsible tourism.....Read More


Emirates demos its latest cabin perks

Emirates to showcase its premium economy seats for the first time at the upcoming ATM travel show.....Read More


Check out Kuching's dining diversity

Tips on exploring Kuching's fascinating world of food.....Read More


  The Maldives block South Asian travellers
Usually associated with an open door policy, the Maldives is now tightening down on travel from all South Asian countries.....Read More
  Thai airlines ask for soft loans
Thailand's airlines petition the government to provide soft loans to stay airborne and prioritise airline staff for Covid jabs.....Read More
  Thai Smile drops services
Thai Smile cuts back domestic flights leaving it with a single daily flight to most destinations from its Bangkok hub.....Read More
  Delta drops flight to Manila
Delta removes a Seoul - Manila fifth freedom service from its schedules.....Read More

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