= Embark with NCL premieres 1 July. -- Philippines: Domestic travel a lifesaver.
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TTR Weekly News Alert, 1 July 2022

Embark with NCL premieres 1 July

NCL's video series highlights the easiest way to travel by showcasing the people, places and passion behind the NCL experience.....Read More

Philippines: Domestic travel a lifesaver

DOT Philippines reports an increase in domestic tourism in 2021 despite Covid-19 lockdowns and restrictions that discouraged travel.....Read More



Centara unlocks travel with a 40% off deal

Centara offers 40% off in Centara Travel Unlocked Flash Sale, but the offer expires at midnight on 4 July.....Read More


Bikers play a role in reviving tourism

TPB expands motorcycle tourism efforts with events that support the Philippines' popular bike clubs.....Read More


Emirates hands incentives to SMEs

New Emirates Business Rewards members can accelerate their return to business travel with a joining bonus.....Read More


  Lao Airline's shares up for sale
Lao PDR's PM warns Lao Airlines the government intends to sell 49% of its stake, all part of a plan to end state enterprise debt.....Read More
  MH privileges extend to Firefly
Malaysia Airlines extends its MHflypass Malaysia and MHshuttle ranges to its sister airline, Firefly.....Read More
  Radisson targets a century
Radisson Hotel Group targets 100 new hotel signings in Thailand by 2025.....Read More

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